#ChicEats: The 25 Best—and Most Instagrammable—Coffee Shops in America

Kristen Bateman
#ChicEats: The 25 Best—and Most Instagrammable—Coffee Shops in America
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With the amount of internet memes and overdone photos of perfectly-swirled cups, it’s no surprise that humble old coffee has become one of Instagram’s most beloved—and most photographed—drinks. Whether it’s latte art, a refreshing cold brew or a simple americana, photos of coffee are, for better or worse, a shared, common language that everyone understands.

That being said, it’s also a seasonless drink and has wide appeal in the world of fashion, with Dolce & Gabbana designers claiming they drink up a grand total of 12 cups and day, and Tom Ford professing his love of ice coffee. There’s even an instagram account dedicated to good fashion and coffee choices, dubbed Coffee ‘n Clothes.

Because we too love a good coffee ‘gram, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best coffee shops in America. Click through the gallery above to see options from San Francisco to New York City.

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Two Hands: Located on Mott Street in New York City, and taking inspiration from Australian Cuisine, Two Hands is basically set up as an instagram paradise. Serving toast topped with avocado and egg, delicious, heathy bowls, and drinks with the perfect latte art, you'll be snapping away. It's hard not to get a good photo for your feed here.

Photo: instagram / @twohandsnyc

Stumptown: For the perfect shot, head to one of the original premium coffee shops. Opened in 1999 in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown has been serving delicious coffee ever since. With tons of locations around the country, there's likely one near you, but there's something pretty special about the main headquarters in Portland. Plus, they have a tasting bar, open daily at 3 pm.

Photo: instagram / @stumptowncoffee

Happy Bones: Design nerds and interior aficionados will rejoice at the all white interiors and indie mags lining the walls. But that's not even the best part. Happy Bones, a coffee shop formed by New Zealand owners, specializes in the flat white: a drink made of a single or double ristretto shot of espresso, and with just the right amount of microfoam poured over. Chic.

Photo: Happy Bones

Blue Bottle: We're partial to the chic interior of Blue Bottle's Palo Alto location, but the famed coffee shop also has outposts throughout California, in New York and even in Tokyo. We can vouch for the New York City locations attracting some of the most fashionable people in the city - which mean it's great for people watching too.

Photo: instagram / @bluebottle

Devocion: This Brooklyn based spot takes its coffee very seriously. With a sister shop in Bogota, Colombia, all beans begins and end with Colombian based coffee growers. The spacious cafe is the perfect place to relax with a cup of black coffee--its brick walls, plants and leather couches don't get much better.

Photo: Twitter via @orlando_urena

The Wormhole: Take a trip back in time at this Chicago based coffee shop. From some of the bird's eye view latte art shops on insta, you'd never know that tables are embedded with toys that will make you feel nostalgic, and an actual retro car sits above the seating area. Hey, if the 80s are cool enough for Saint Laurent right now, they're cool enough for us.

Photo: instagram / @thecoffeechop

Boxcar Coffee Roasters: With locations in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, Boxcar Coffee Roasters makes some of the best coffee in the state. Plus, the open spaces and perfected latte art make for some great 'grams. Opt for your favorite morning drink with a hot scone or the cafe's well loved morning molasses cake.

Photo: Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Cafe du Monde: Visiting this cafe and coffee shop is a must to experience New Orleans culture. The shop has technically been around since 1862. Order your choice of coffee with the fluffy, sugar-coated beignets: a French deep fried choux pastry (aka a heavenly donut.) Your insta will thank you.

Photo: instagram / @adjibeg

Il Caffe: We all know that Swedes have it down pat when it comes to style, so it's no surprise that this Swedish chain, which recently opened its first shop in L.A., tops our list. Adjacent to Acne Studios, the interior alone--with chic sheet metal and minimalist design will win you lots of insta likes.

Photo: instagram

Ralph's Coffee: Consider it the ultimate haven for fashionable coffee in New York City. Above the Ralph Lauren flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Ralph's coffee serves its own proprietary beans. Be it an americana, espresso, or latte--the chic shop ensures that you'll get the perfect instagram worthy of a fashion blogger.

Photo: Ralph's Coffee

Coffee Slingers Roasters: Coming from Oklahoma City, Coffee Slingers Roasters produces delicious coffee drinks with a modern edge. Consider options like the cold brew mint julep, pictured at left, the next big star of your instagram feed.

Photo: instagram / @coffeeslingers

Ninth Street Espresso: New Yorkers are known for their serious love of all things coffee--especially when made extra strong. It comes as no surprise then, that one of the city's best chains of coffee shops is Ninth Street Espresso. Using small batches and American-made urns, this place redefines espresso, making it into a delicious art form.

Photo: Ninth Street Espresso

Houndstooth Coffee: With locations in Austin and Dallas, Texas, Houndstooth Coffee has modern, open spaces perfect for hanging out in or relaxing in with a cup of coffee. Their beans are sourced both locally and nationally, offering a variety of options for when it comes to your morning cup of joe.

Photo: instagram / @houndstoothcoffee

La Colombe: One thing we love about La Colombe: the variety of chic, seemingly antique cups and dishes they use to serve their coffee in. Though there's a variety of locations throughout the U.S., the one based in Philadelphia, near Rittenhouse Square, has the perfect amount of space and also all the vibes of a small town local coffee shop--obviously, with delicious drinks and pastries. What more could we ask for?

Photo: instagram / @andrea.g.reyes

Pavement Coffeehouse: There are times in life when all you need is a steaming hot cup of coffee and a delicious bagel. Enter Pavement Coffehouse, a chain of Boston coffee shops that specialize in exactly that. Their homemade bagels pair perfectly with an espresso or latte, and signature drink options and coffee beans change monthly.

Photo: instagram

Plein Air: Located in Chicago, this cozy spot serves drop coffee, pour overs, espressos and more alongside fresh, delicious tartines, salads, sandwiches and savory pies--in a much more sophisticated vein than you'd expect, coming from a tiny shop like this. Plein Air itself is situated next to Frank Lloyd Wright's historic Robbie house--perfect for architecture lovers.

Lamill Coffee Boutique: With sunny skies in L.A., there's nothing better than a delicious cup of flavorful cold brew. Lamill has some of the best, along with lattes and serious instagram-worthy brunch options, like waffles, colorful salads and fruit bowls. The interior houses a giant chandelier and lots of black leather chairs.

Photo: instagram

Cafe Henrie: If you follow any New York City based fashion bloggers or editors, you've likely seen the glow of Cafe Henrie's pink tables and cups illuminate your feed. That being said, they have some of the most visually stunning lattes and salads (call it #fashionfood) around. Plus, the furniture is designed by Tom Sachs.

Photo: instagram / @cafehenrie

Indie Coffee: Located in Madison, Wisconsin Indie Coffee supports all things indie. Visit for handmade coffee, which they make with their own roasted beans, local teas, local microbrews and, perhaps the most instagrammable of the bunch: all day waffles. They also have an outdoor patio.

Photo: instagram / @char_wetzel

Hendershot's Coffee Bar: Two things make this local spot highly instagrammable. One: the huge windows let lots of beautiful, natural light in. Two: the exposed brick walls add a touch of pizazz to any normal coffee bar. Located in Athens, Georgia, Hendershot's serves classic southern biscuits topped with pimento cheese or grilled zucchini.

Photo: instagram

Madcap Coffee: Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Madcap Coffee breathes new life into traditional coffee drinks with its modern space and delicious drinks. The menu changes and expands monthly, and constantly takes inspiration from new places and ideas.

Photo: instagram / @madcapcoffee

Volta Coffee: This Gainesville, Florida spot has a variety of drinks. Most notably, they specialize in a variety of espresso beans from around the world. They also have drinking chocolates, teas, and of course, baked goods--making it a great spot to go with anyone.

Photo: instagram / @volta_coffee

Peregrine Espresso: Microbrew beers have been in style for quite a while now. But what about coffee? Peregrine espresso takes the same concept and applies it to their small batch coffees and espresso. Based in D.C., with three locations, attending one of their shops feels like an experience individually tailored to each coffee lover.

Photo: instagram / @peregrinedc

Kopplin's Coffee: Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Kopplins feels like the sort of indie midwest coffee shop straight out of a Netflix original series. Their coffees and lattes are naturally very Instagrammable, but it's unusual drinks, such as the Midwest Lassi (a traditional yogurt drink from India) that make the shop really special.

Photo: instagram / @kopplins

Four Barrel Coffee: With three locations spread out through the San Francisco area, Four Barrel Coffee gets their beans from around the world. From Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. But the coffee is not the only reason to visit one of their shops. They also have special, seasonal drinks that change all the time, like the option pictured at left.

Photo: instagram

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