The Morning Perk: Coffee That Helps You Wake Up In The Morning

The Morning Perk: Coffee That Helps You Wake Up In The Morning
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If you’re a self-professed coffee lover like myself, you know that the average and mainstream coffee brands simply do not make the cut. Not only do I need my morning cup of joe (or two, or three) to have a robust flavor and smooth taste, but I also need it to have enough caffeine to get me going in the morning (I’m not a morning person, I’ll admit it).

While I could go to a fancy coffee or espresso shop to get my morning fix, I simply can’t fathom the idea of dropping up to ten dollars a day for a beverage of any kind, which is precisely why I take matters into my own hands and brew my own fresh pot on my own at home each and every morning.

With that being said, however, I do like to make sure that my coffee of choice is of the highest quality and, as I mentioned earlier, the highest caffeine content possible. Since my standard are admittedly pretty high when it comes to my java, you can rest assured that the varieties below are sure to be stellar. Your morning routine just got so much more exciting — trust me.

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1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend



Infused with a blend of bold and multifaceted flavors and aromas, Lavazza’s Whole Bean Coffee Blend is sure to delight and impress any java lover.

2. Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend



Get the same delicious coffee you’d order from your local Peet’s coffee shop right from home with this delicious blend.

3. Café Vianté Sin High Caffeine Coffee

strongest coffee amazon The Morning Perk: Coffee That Helps You Wake Up In The Morning

Café Vianté.

This rich coffee contains up to four times the amount of caffeine and antioxidants compared to other coffees.

4. Brooklyn Coffee Italian Dark Roast

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Brooklyn Coffee.

This whole bean breakfast blend is crafted to give you an extra-strong pick-me-up in the morning (but without the jitters and shakes).


5. Kicking Horse Coffee

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Kicking Horse.

For those who like multifaceted flavors in their coffee roasts, this whole bean blend is perfect. It’s especially delicious for pour-over and french press brews.