17 Times Chrissy Teigen Was the Queen of Social Media

17 Times Chrissy Teigen Was the Queen of Social Media
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Chrissy Teigen is a damn queen. No matter what’s going on in this weird world of ours, Teigen always knows what to say—and even better, she knows how to say it in the most relatable, down-to-earth, and (let’s be real) hilarious way possible. I mean seriously, whom among us doesn’t turn to Teigen’s Twitter for the hottest political commentary (and, you know, the occasional clapback)?

To honor this true queen of social media—and life in general—we’ve decided to recap some of Chrissy Teigen’s greatest social media posts of all time.

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1. When she kept Miles by her side while giving a speech

On Saturday, Teigen ruled social media not with humor but with powerful words. Holding infant son Miles, she addressed the crowd on the important concerns surrounding immigration and later, with this very casual reflection on the day, reminded us all how cool she is.

2. When she gently roasted her hubby

Teigen never misses an opportunity to roast her husband, John Legend, on social media. Recently, she nailed it when she reminded everyone of Legend’s resemblance to the cartoon character Arthur while snapping a cute shot of Luna.

3. When she showed us a new way to prep a salad

Shortly before little Miles arrived, Teigen was maximizing her very pregnant state by showing us all an, um, inventive way to cook.

4. When she got real about a little-known aspect of being around kids

A snapshot into Teigen’s life by way of a viral tweet.

5. When she took us on the roller-coaster ride of getting brown bananas

We’re calling it now: The search for brown bananas for Teigen’s banana bread recipe will go down as one of the greatest moments in Twitter history.

6. When she might have accidentally messed up her Grammys aesthetic

Listen, we’ve all been there, but on the eve of a necessary Grammys appearance? That’s a uniquely Teigen struggle we can only laugh at and empathize with from afar.

7. When she almost killed us all with the cuteness that is Luna talking

Try not to squeal with delight watching Teigen feed Luna different words and phrases. Go on, try.

8. When she reminded us what the minimum relationship requirements were

This needs to be everyone’s relationship baseline from now on. Teigen has declared it so.

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9. When she gave us a peek into touring life with Legend

This is amazing. Thank you, Chrissy, for this valuable peek into life with John Legend.

10. When she made scrolling on her phone look like art

How does she make scrolling through your phone in bed half-naked (a thing we’ve all done at one time or another) look so glamorous?

11. When she and Dwayne Johnson had this amazing interaction about food and exercise

STYLECASTER | Chrissy Teigen Tweet

Image: @chrissyteigen/Twitter

We’re never going to forget this memorable interaction, TBH.

12. When she had a funny moment with Legend

Honestly, these two are just too cute to handle.

13. When she showed up the upside of taking a bath

Her sweet videos with Luna have always delighted us, but one from June really sent us over the edge. It features Luna giving her a bubble bath facial.

14. When she clearly came out on top in an “epic feud”

Don’t mess with Teigen — she bites back.

15. When she had a feisty clapback for the president

Teigen is hardly President Donald’s Trump’s biggest fan, but she really let the shade fly when she let this burn loose less than a month into Trump’s time in office.

16. When she joked about an accurate meme

Teigen knows her memes and isn’t afraid to hilariously embrace them, even when they make her the target.

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17. And, of course, when she was real about how tough it is to get the perfect shot

Teigen will go to any lengths to get the best photo, but that doesn’t mean she won’t gripe about it like the rest of us — and that’s why we love her.


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