Is This the Best Cheeseburger Recipe Ever Created?

best cheeseburger recipe

Photo courtesy of Gilt City

Guess what today is, guys? It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Let us be first to say that, yes, we realize the sheer absurdity of finding ways to celebrate every marketing ploy “national” day under the sun, but, well, we only do with foods we really love. And, hello, cheeseburgers.

To celebrate the glorious holiday, David Rotter—chef and co-owner of New York gastropub Boulton & Watt—basically did God’s work and created a recipe that not only uses interesting ingredients (roasted jalapeno aioli, FTW), but also can be made at home, even if you’re less than a rock star in the kitchen.

The burger was created in partnership with Gilt City, so if you’re in New York definitely give the burger a go (it’ll be available at Boulton & Watt all weekend.) If you can’t get there, we strongly suggest considering making it yourself tonight.

Two three-ounce beef patties from Pat LaFrieda
Smoked bacon jam (one Spanish onion, three slices bacon, one teaspoon aged balsamic—recipe below)
Aged Vermont cheddar
Roasted jalapeño aioli  (one avocado, one cup mayo, two jalapeños—recipe below)
Bibb lettuce
Beefsteak tomato
Buttered brioche bun
Salt and pepper

Place both patties in a hot cast iron pan.
Season well with salt and pepper.
Once golden brown, flip and sear other side.
Add cheese to top of flipped burgers. This will allow cheese to get soft and gooey.
Spread bun with butter and toast.
Once toasted, spread bacon jam and aioli on both sides.
Stack patties and top with lettuce, tomato and pickles.

To make bacon jam:
Cook down the Spanish onion sliced thin, as well as the slices of bacon chopped up.
Cook on low until all is caramelized.
Finish with a teaspoon of aged balsamic.

To make aioli:
Roast two jalapeños.
Place one whole avocado (seed removed), one cup of mayo, and roasted jalapeño in food processor.
Blend until smooth.