Non-Breakable Champagne Glasses That Are Something Worth Toasting To

Julia Guerra
Non-Breakable Champagne Glasses That Are Something Worth Toasting To
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When we’re happy, we drink. When we’re sad, we drink. When we’re bored out of our minds, we drink. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s always something to toast to, but if you’re constantly stocking up on bottles of your favorite bubbly, it’s just common sense that you have to have something to pour it in, right? Sure, wine glasses are classy and solo cups serve their purpose, but if you’re looking to upgrade your glassware situation, look no further than disposable champagne glasses that look bougie without the upkeep.

If you’re jonesing for a drink, you’re either feeling super fancy or trying to get to that point, and champagne glasses can give your booze that swanky boost because, well, they look really pretty, OK? The problem is, champagne flutes are typically made of crystal and are extremely pricey. If you’re toasting with the real thing, you have to be very careful not to clink too hard or accidentally knock it off its coaster because — spoiler — it will shatter. Ergo, the best champagne glasses really are the disposable kind that mimic fine glassware for a fraction of the price. These are our favorite alternatives.

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1. TOSSWARE POP 9oz Plastic Champagne Glasses

Toast with plastic champagne glasses and you’ll never have to worry about who’s clinking their glasses a little too hard. The set comes with 12 neatly stackable glasses designed with features like a patented Pop ‘n Lock for easy serving, crystal-like clarity, and smooth, rounded rims to mimic the real thing, so they’re classy enough to hand out at graduations, showers and birthday celebrations. Plus, the glasses are 100% BPA-Free, recyclable and made from recycled materials: one glass equals up to 12 recycled plastic bottles, so cheers to party supplies that are better for the environment.

champagne glasses tossware Non Breakable Champagne Glasses That Are Something Worth Toasting To

Image: Amazon.

2. eparé Champagne Flutes

One of the main reasons why we’re loving these champagne glasses is because they’re so picturesque, but that’s not the only reason. These double-walled champagne flutes are actually just as fancy as they look: The glassware is made of premium quality chemistry-grade borosilicate glass, which, in lamest terms, means the material is thin, but strong. They’re also insulated to keep liquids cooler for longer and keep condensation outside the glass, so you can take your time sipping your favorite wine or cocktail.

champagne glasses epare Non Breakable Champagne Glasses That Are Something Worth Toasting To

Image: Amazon.

3. Oojami Gold Glitter Toasting Flutes

PSA: You don’t have to break the bank to have nice things. Take these toasting flutes, for example: These champagne glasses bring all the glitz and glam you could ever want in a toast. One purchase includes 30 glasses that are not only disposable, but reusable (as long as you’re washing by hand). The bad news is you have to assemble these beauties yourself. The good news is, they’re the perfect DIY project if you want to save money on pricey glassware for special occasions like weddings, engagement parties, holidays, etc.

champagne glasses oojami Non Breakable Champagne Glasses That Are Something Worth Toasting To

Image: Amazon.

4. Vivocci Unbreakable Stemless Flutes

Make your party feel a little less stuffy and more modern with this set of unbreakable stemless champagne flutes. They’re shatter-resistant, but at first glance, they do still look like glass. Plus, they’re reusable. After the party is over, you can put them on the top rack of your dishwasher to wash them for the next shindig.

Vivocci Champagne Flutes

Courtesy of Vivocci.