The Best Celebrity #SweetTweets Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Cady Lang
(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Ahh, love in the modern age β€” whereas once upon a time, one might have to send a love note via carrier pigeon, now a declaration of love can be shared very publicly with a little social platform called Twitter.

Unlike Facebook’s emotionally chargedΒ relationship statuses or the millions of couples selfies clogging your Instagram feed (yes, we know you’re both #blessed, #lucky, and #taken), declaring your love on Twitter is both very public and very personal β€” and probably the best place to share your Valentine’s day sentiments if you must take to social media.

A 140-character limit ensures that the tweet writer be succinct (and thus, one hopes, more direct), and the very nature of the medium – a focus on words, not images or shares or likes, ensures that there’s more personality too. That being said, we took a peek at the feeds of some of our favorite celeb couples to see what they had to say to their significant others in just 140 characters or less and the results were sweet, hilarious, and touching.

See the best #SweetTweets from celebs, just in time for Valentine’s Day, below.