10 Celebrity-Hosted Friendsgivings We Want to Be Invited To

10 Celebrity-Hosted Friendsgivings We Want to Be Invited To
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You’ve heard the spiel: Thanksgiving is about family. It’s the one time a year when you and your closest loved ones come together to stuff yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, while gabbing about what you’ve been thankful for that year. And though that’s all fine and dandy, sometimes the holiday is about turning up—which is why God invented Friendsgiving, the pregame to your family turkey dinner in which holiday traditions go out the window and are replaced with hilarious drunk anecdotes.

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And though, of course, not all Friendsgivings have to be about turning up (ie: Lauren Conrad‘s or Jaime King‘s Food Network-worthy gatherings), we have to admit, Friendsgivings are far from your grandmother’s turkey dinners. No shade to Thanksgiving, but Friendsgivings feel like your usual lit parties—with a lot more food. Clearly, celebrities like Nina Dobrev, Kylie Jenner, and Amy Schumer are fans of the Thanksgiving pregame too, judging from the star-studded bashes they throw every year in lieu of or before the real turkey dinner begins.

To inspire your own Friendsgivings, we rounded up 10 celebrity-hosted Friendsgivings you’ll definitely want an invite to. See them, ahead, and may your Friendsgivings be just as A-list.

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Nina Dobrev

For Thanksgiving 2014, Nina Dobrev—who is Canadian—hosted a Friendsgiving with her CW mates,"Gossip Girl" stars Chase Crawford and Jessica Zhor. During the day, the group headed to a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T arena. When night rolled around, the friends spent some time taking artsy polaroid pictures, while, we're sure, eating some yummy Thanksgiving fare.

Kylie Jenner

In 2016, Kylie Jenner threw a Friendsgiving to remember. The star-studded bash featured tons of "Life of Kylie" favorites, like Jordyn Woods and Justine Skye, as well as the reality star's ex-boyfriend, Tyga, and his son, King Cairo. For the dinner, Kylie and her friends went all out, with a traditional turkey, Brussels sprouts, green bean casserole, candied yams, and pineapple-glazed ham. (Kylie was in charge of the ham.) Of course, the social media queen documented the whole thing on Snapchat.

Taylor Swift

For Thanksgiving 2016, Taylor Swift invited her entire squad over for a quiet Friendsgiving. The singer, who is known for her star-studded Fourth of July bashes, kept things low-key with an intimate dinner at beachfront home in Rhode Island. In attendance at the star-studded bash were squad members like Lily Donaldson, Martha Hunt, and Todrick Hall.

Shay Mitchell

Considering she's a proud Canadian, Shay Mitchell did Thanksgiving the best way she could—by inviting a ton of friends over. For the holiday in 2015, the "Pretty Little Liars" star invited her Canadian and American friends alike for a fun-filled bash featuring tons of fall-appropriate plaid flannels. (Obviously.)

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer might win for the most A-list Friendsgiving dinner guest. For the 2015 holiday, the comedian invited Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari for drinks on the beach. And if J-Law at your Friendsgiving isn't enough, another major moment happened at dinner when one of Schumer's friends unexpectedly got engaged. "Very happy for this skank," Schumer tweeted, alongside a hilarious photo with her and the bride to be.

Vanessa Hudgens

Though Vanessa Hudgens hasn't documented any of her Friendsgivings on social media (yet), she assures that she's hosted tons. In an interview with People, the "High School Musical" star dished on Thanksgiving traditions. She starts out watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade before chowing down on her favorite: sweet potatoes and marshmallows. And though Hudgens admits she's a "horrible cook," she has a sage perspective on why Friendsgivings are sometimes better than the real deal.

“Thanksgiving you don’t get to choose your family and Friendsgiving you do,” she said. “I love any excuse to get friends together to have a good time.”

And for the hangover after the Friendsgiving party? Hudgens recommends drinking coconut water and tons of water to flush out the alcohol.

Lauren Conrad

As a lifestyle guru, Lauren Conrad is bound to have some good advice for Friendsgivings. In an interview with Us Weekly, "The Hills" star dished on how she's commonly hosted Friendsgivings for buddies who couldn't make it home for the holidays. "You can do it in addition to a Thanksgiving, or you can do it in place of it, if you have friends who don’t travel for the day," she said.

As for decorations, Conrad recommends butcher paper "tablecloth" (for a rustic feel and easy clean up) as well as short centerpieces that will brighten up the dinner table, but not obstruct guests' views or their ability to pass food.

Jaime King

As one of Taylor Swift's squad members, Jaime King Delish likely has some sage experience with Friendsgivings. For the occasion, the "Hart of Dixie" star swears by her ooey-gooey chocolate peanut butter pie, which is more suited for a casual Friendsgiving than a proper turkey dinner. The actress, who shared her recipe with, fills a chocolate-cookie crust with a mousse-like layer of peanut butter (beaten with cream cheese and whipped cream) and tops the entire thing with chocolate ganache. Yeah—we're going to need an invite to King's 2017 Friendsgiving immediately.

Debra Messing

Since moving to New York City and away from her Rhode Island home, Debra Messing uses Friendsgiving as a way to feel the holiday spirit without traveling to mom and dad's. In an interview with Food & Wine, the "Will & Grace" actress dished on her Friendsgiving traditions that make it feel like she's right at home with friends.

"When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a big deal at my family’s home in Rhode Island," she said. "But the past few years I’ve spent it with my best friends in New York City, and it’s been lovely. Before we eat, everyone goes around and talks about what they’re grateful for and what 
they’re hopeful for in the coming year, and 
I always find it moving and surprising. "

Mandy Moore

As the Pearson family matriarch on "This Is Us," Mandy Moore is likely big on family—but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to throw a lit Friendsgiving. In an interview with People, she suggested that Friendsgivings don't have to be so set-in-stone. She talked about how people might stop by for a drink or leave during dinner to return later for dessert.

"It’s potluck and it’s casual and we all sit around and it ebbs and flows," she said. "People come for a drink and go for dinner somewhere else and then come back and have pie. It’s so much fun.”

As for her go-to Friendsgiving recipe, Moore is big on her raw Brussel's sprouts salad, though she's no stranger to bringing her favorite Paleo pumpkin pie either.

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