10 Sassy Blue Ivy Moments That Prove She’s Beyoncé’s Daughter

10 Sassy Blue Ivy Moments That Prove She’s Beyoncé’s Daughter
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There are only three people who know what it’s like to have Beyoncé as their mom—her kids: Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. And while there’s no word yet on how much Rumi and Sir embody their pop-star mom (hey, they’re only a few months old), Blue Ivy is shaping up to be an uncanny mini-me.

From moving to her own beat at a dance recital to telling her parents to shush on national television, Blue Ivy’s sass, wit, and boss-like confidence are evidence enough that she’s Beyoncé’s daughter. To prove our point, we rounded up the funniest, sassiest, and most memorable moments from Blue Ivy’s first six years of life. Witness all the ways she’s embodying Beyoncé ahead.

1. When She Made Up Her Own Choreography at a Dance Recital

Blue Ivy might’ve been flanked by a dozen classmates when she performed at a dance recital in June, but she was clearly dancing to her own beat. In a video of the performance, Blue can be seen jamming out to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” with choreography completely different from her classmates. Her high kicks might be a few seconds off, but that’s what her mom would do too to stand out in a crowd.

2. When She Shushed Her Parents at the Grammys

Blue Ivy went viral when she sassily told her parents to quiet down at the 2018 Grammy Awards. A video of the moment shows Blue calmly telling her parents to shush and stop clapping when Camila Cabello was giving a speech. The queen has spoken.

3. When She Did the ‘Single Ladies’ Dance with Both Hands

Blue Ivy, ever the center of attention. In August, Blue Ivy and Bey attended a wedding for the singer’s creative director, Todd Tourso. Sometime during the wedding, Blue, her mom, and about a dozen other guests went to a private lounge where they filmed a Boomerang doing Bey’s iconic “Single Ladies” dance. Of course, to stand out from the crowd Blue stood up on two feet (when everyone else was sitting down) and used both hands instead of just one.

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4. When She Flat-Out Told the Paparazzi ‘No’

Blue’s parents might be used to the paparazzi, but the whole being-followed-around-with-cameras thing is still fairly new to the 6-year-old. That’s why when the paps tried to ambush Blue and her dad after the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards, she wasn’t having any of it and wasn’t afraid to show her displeasure. A video of the moment shows Blue wagging her finger at the photographers and telling them “no” as her dad drags her into their car.

5. When She Plugged Her Nose Because She Didn’t Like Her Mom’s Food

In 2017, Blue helped her mom serve food to people in Houston who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’re sure Blue felt proud of the good deed, but that didn’t stop her from showing her real emotions at the food that her mom was serving. A clip of the moment shows Blue plugging her nose with gloved hands as her mom serves food to Houston natives.

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6. When She Couldn’t Be More Bored by Rihanna Talking to Her

Children have no filter, which is why Blue couldn’t help but show how she was truly feeling when Rihanna went up to talk to her on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammys. A picture of the moment shows Rih gushing over Blue’s cuteness, while Blue looks back at her stone-faced.

7. When She Made Another Kid Jealous with Her Sparkly Cat Purse

Blue’s bedazzled cat purse at the 2017 Grammy Awards was the talk of the town, and clearly, she knew it. During the show, the cameras panned to Blue showing off her glittery accessory to another young friend, who was sure to be jealous of the 6-year-old’s shiny handbag.


8. When She Crashed a Star-Studded Carpool Karaoke

The 2017 Grammy Awards was feeling a bit dull until Blue Ivy livened up the scene by running up to a car full of celebrities who were singing “Sweet Caroline.” A video of the moment shows Blue barging in on the performance, which included stars such as Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, and Tim McGraw. If she wants the spotlight, she’ll take it.

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9. When She Made Her Mom Hold Her Juice Box and Snacks at the Grammys

If there’s anyone who can make Bey hold their juice box, it’s Blue Ivy. At the 2018 Grammy Awards, a photographer caught a picture of Blue Ivy downing fruit snacks while her mom waited idly by with a straw-pierced juice box and another bag of snacks. Parenting done right.

10. When Her Dad Was Shook by Her Dance Moves

Blue Ivy was only a toddler when she attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, where her mom performed an 18-minute mash-up of her songs. One cameraman caught Blue jamming out to her mom’s song “Flawless” with some eccentric dance moves. Her choreography was so original that her dad, Jay-Z, who was holding Blue on his lap when his wife performed, couldn’t help but express his surprise at his daughter’s natural rhythm.