These Luxe Bidets are the Ultimate Quarantine Home Upgrade

Mia Maguire
These Luxe Bidets are the Ultimate Quarantine Home Upgrade
Photo: Courtesy of TUSHY.

Bidets are officially making a comeback—perhaps in part because we’re all decidedly scarred from the massive toilet paper shortage the states underwent earlier this year. In fact, manufacturers are claiming that bidet sales have increased nearly ten times since the pandemic began. Regardless of the reason for the spike in interest, bidets (and bidet toilet seat attachments, specifically) are officially no longer a novel bathroom device you get to exclusively experience on European and Japanese vacations or when you’re staying in a fancy five-star hotel. Alas, it’s never been more convenient, accessible, and affordable to get your hands on one of your own (and for under $100, at that).

From toilet attachments to on-the-go spray options, bidets are apparently the coolest new “home decor” bathroom accessory that are not only bougie on a budget, but they’re also super sustainable compared to TP and flushable wipes. And, I guess it’s also worth mentioning that you won’t have to deal with embarrassing clogged toilet scenarios. Look, I’m sorry to be gross, but hey, it’s the damn truth y’all.

Another benefit of investing in a bidet and tossing the TP? These paper-free tush and “feminine” cleansing gadgets are also not only eco-friendly, but they also can help you save massive sums of money in the long run—and unless you’re lucky enough to still live with the folks, we all know that toilet paper expenses definitely add up. Looking for even more benefits of investing in an at-home bidet? Cool, because they also offer better personal (and hands-free) hygiene too. Basically, there’s kind of no reason not to get a bidet at this point. Scroll through below to check out some of my favorite wallet-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing bidet toilet attachments to give your bathroom that upgrade that it totally does.

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Genie bidet attachment amazon

Courtesy of Genie Bidet.

GenieBidet’s simple and low-profile toilet seat attachment features a sleek and non-invasive design. Engineered with a powerful yet gentle spray nozzle and an “ambient” (read: not too cold, not too hot) temperature, this luxe bidet attachment effectively cleans both the rear and the “feminine” regions without the need for wasteful TP.

Tushy bidet amazon

Courtesy of TUSHY.

As the O.G. millennial-friendly and kind of chic bidet to hit the market a few years ago (with some solid branding, BTW), TUSHY’s classic, non-electric bidet attachment is equipped with premium features and takes literally ten minutes to install. It’s not just a bathroom upgrade, it’s a “lifestyle upgrade.”


Tushy spa bidet

Courtesy of Tushy.

While TUSHY’s original model is a solid steal, if you’re down to drop an extra $20 for an even more premium version, their Spa Bidget Attachment is where it’s at. This upgraded version is designed with a warm water spraying nozzles, as well as a temperature and pressure control system to customize your experience.

omigo bidet attachment

Courtesy of Omigo.

This dual-temperature toilet attachment gives you the full-on bidet experience without having to drop a fortune, embark on a costly bathroom remodel or call a plumber to help with all the electrical stuff.

Boss bidet attachment amazon

Courtesy of Boss Bidet.

This sleek (and gold-toned) bidet attachment adheres to your toilet seat with a simple, under-ten-minute installation process and cleans you behind completely in literal seconds. It offers rear and frontal cleansing functionalities, so it’s great for all genders.