The Best Beachside Reads To Bring Along for Spring Break


Jetsetting? Staycation? Whatever your spring break plans may be, we’ve got your poolside (or bedside) reading list covered. So kick back, relax, and lose yourself in the following page-turners.

1. Lunch In Paris by Elizabeth Bard (above)
Need a dose of culture to remedy your post-winter blahs, but can’t foot the Air France bill? Well, you’re not alone– and thankfully, with Elizabeth Bard‘s tale of la vie en France, you can be metaphorically whisked off to the City of Lights. Read about the author’s tale of falling in love with her future husband…and French cuisine. Feeling inspired? The memoir is also chock full of recipes— so you can get in on some of the delicious action stateside.

2. If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone
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Need to get your rear in gear over the break? Try catching up on some saucy reading by a fashion PR maven. The next generation of power women will learn a thing or two in the pages of Ms. Cutrone’s somewhat abrasive memoir/career advice book. Think of this read as the gritty, no-b.s. life guru you never had. Happy prioritizing!

3. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler
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What better way is there to kick off your spring break reading than with comedy’s favorite spitfire, Chelsea Handler? Dubbed by fellow author Jennifer Weiner as the comedic equivalent to Judy Blume– if Judy Blume were into drinking vodka, smoking ecstasy, and sleeping with midgets and 19-year-olds, Chelseas antics are guaranteed to have you in stitches through the entire read.

4. Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann
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Written from the perspective of a host of interesting and dynamic characters– a priest, heroin-addled prostitutes, mothers of fallen Vietnam soldiers, young artists, and a judge– this heart-warming novel tells the tale of funambulist (i.e. tightrope walker), Philippe Petit, who takes on the riveting challenge of walking between the World Trade Center buildings. The book’s real story, however, shows how one singular event can bring disparate individuals together.

5. Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert
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You don’t have to be a die-hard chick lit fan to know that Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love was a phenomenally successful bestseller (the much-adored novel is even being made into a movie). Unlike the author’s first memoir, the subject matter hits much closer to home (rather than Italy et al.). Committed tells the story of Gilbert’s introspective viewpoints on marriage and relationships, mixed with fun facts and anecdotes about wedded bliss (and failings) throughout the ages of the world. Fans of her debut novel will love reacquainting themselves with the author’s honest and comical voice.

6. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
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Yes, we went there. Arguably Hollywood’s favorite writer, Dan Brown, pens another can’t-put-it-down novel. This time, the backdrop for the book isn’t some romantic European cityscape, but rather our nation’s capital. Much-loved protagonist Robert Langdon is up to his usual antics again, but this time the heat is off of the Catholic church and onto the political secret society, the Freemasons– dun dun dun. While we can’t help but roll our eyes at the cookie cutter plot structure, we must admit, it’s utterly addictive.

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