The 12 Albums Our Editors Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

Meghan Blalock
The 12 Albums Our Editors Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now
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We often find ourselves playing music in the office for all to enjoy. Something about it—as long as it’s not too loud, abrasive, or downright annoying—seems to automatically lift the spirits on days that are dreary, commonplace, or otherwise boring. And as it turns out, many of us here have vastly different tastes in music, with one common thread: an undeniable cool factor.

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From pop tomes like Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” to ultra-underground electronic beats from Chericoke, our editors have impeccable taste in music. This makes sense, considering how style and music are so interconnected.

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Click through the gallery above to see the 12 albums our editors can’t stop listening to right now!

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"Isles," Wild Belle

I'm one of those weirdos who actually still listen to the radio, so I get all my pop music fixes there and save my Spotify binge-fests for work-friendly music. Right now, I've been listening to Wild Belle's "Isles" from 2013 a ton. - Laurel Pinson, StyleCaster Editor-in-Chief


"The Civil Wars," The Civil Wars

The male-female duo harmonizes in a way that's hauntingly beautiful. The album makes you want to feel heartbreak in the best way possible. - Augusta Falletta, Beauty High Associate Editor

"Stellastarr*," Stellastarr

It's hardly new (released in 2003), but I discovered this album in college and became obsessed. I still listen to it today when I need a pick-me-up. It's so, so good. - Megan Segura, Daily Makeover Editor

"Colour the Small One," Sia

Sia's got a familiar voice that makes you feel like you've been listening to her for years, with fresh new songs that feel like you're hearing music for the first time. "Rewrite" and "Sweet Potato" are at the top of my list for this album. - Augusta Falletta

"To Be Free," Nina Simone

She's simply the best: the best voice, the best performer, and the best interpreter of music. This eclectic disc set spans all of her finest work: jazzy standards, cool classic rock covers, musical theater, and several dramatic live performances. Get it now! - Perrie Samotin, StyleCaster Senior Editor

"X/Coke," Chericoke

Although still really new, lately I keep coming back to this EP! It's a true gem. The singer's divine vocals alongside really elusive beats and harmonies make for a sexy combo. - Rolando Robinson, StyleCaster Designer

"Songs," Regina Spektor

Now she's known as the girl who did the theme song for hit Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black," but long before she enjoyed such commercial success, Regina was just a girl with a piano, producing juicy avant-garde songs in NYC clubs. Her 2002  album "Songs" is filled with odes to things like pickle jars, the biblical Samson, and butterflies. Apparently, it's currently not even available for digital download; Amazon only has eight physical copies left. - Meghan Blalock, StyleCaster Associate Editor


"Pure Heroine," Lorde

Although she seems to be everywhere, I am still listening to "Pure Heroine." Her lyrics are endearing, brave, unapologetic (she seems to give zero f*cks about conforming to pop music norms), and her sultry-but-chilling voice just feels right when I'm walking around the blistering cold New York City streets. - Samantha Lim, StyleCaster Features Director

"6 Feet Beneath the Moon," King Krule

This debut album from the 19-year-old (!) singer-songwriter came out late last summer, yet it still finds itself on heavy rotation on my iPhone. It's catchy and strange and like nothing I've ever heard before. - Rachel Krause, Daily Makeover Associate Editor


"Bloom," Beach House

When I really need to focus, I put on Beach House's "Bloom" from 2012. - Laurel Pinson

"Rising," The Elevaters

They're based out of California and the album's from 2007, but every time I listen to them I want to be riding a skateboard down a boulevard at sunset. I'm partial to "Walken" and "Lady Love" but the entire album is worth hitting repeat. - Augusta Falletta

"The 20/20 Experience," Justin Timberlake

When JT released his long-awaited return to the music scene last summer, I'll be honest: I was underwhelmed. Following the mind-blowing pop perfection that was "Future Sex/Love Sound," I had exceedingly high expectations, and they were not met. But recently, I find myself scrolling to "Strawberry Bubblegum" and "Don't Hold the Wall" on a regular basis. Something about the vibe makes me excited for warmer weather. - Meghan Blalock

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