9 Affordable Jewelry Brands I Keep Stalking on Instagram

9 Affordable Jewelry Brands I Keep Stalking on Instagram
Photo: Instagram. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Instagram—man, what a place. Land of the free, home of the brave, Instagram is a realm where anything is possible (except if you want to post a nipple pic). It’s where influencers go to kick off their careers, where celebs proudly announce pregnancies, where the youth search for new trends, and where memes go to live long and happy lives. It’s also where businesses go to show off their products and services without having to pay for advertising, garnering ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ from thousands of loyal users. And when it comes to affordable jewelry brands on Instagram—you betcha that’s me. I am thousands of loyal users.

My addiction to mass-following jewelry brand accounts on Instagram started in the spring of ’17. Like 2017. The brand was M Jewelers, and they had so many different under-$100 personalized necklace options that I freaked out and bought both my first and last name on chokers that I wore religiously for most of ’17. (I used to joke, “If I am ever found dead, authorities will at least be able to identify my body, thanks to these necklaces.”) And then Instagram algorithms got really smart and started suggested other affordable jewelry brands for me to follow.

Now fast forward a few years, and look at me. My ‘following’ list is made up of mostly memes, smol ‘n’ round animal accounts, therapist quotes, and jewelry brands I keep bookmarking in an Instagram folder I have labeled as Jewelz I Need. Because—let’s get real—if I’m not on Instagram to catch up on my friends’ lives, laugh at obscure memes, swerve creepy DMs, or get inspired, then what the hell else am I doing on Instagram???? Shopping, of course.

I’m not talking about just virtually window-shopping and dreaming of buying those items one day when I make a billion bucks from my mega successful and yet-to-be-conceptualized app. I’m talking about actual shopping. An exchange of goods and services for that coin. Because, while I love a good Tiffany’s piece, ya girl ain’t rich, so shopping for jewelry I can afford is the boss move.

And now, because I care, I’ve compiled a list of affordable jewelry brands worth shopping from below. Join me in this act of capitalism, and together we can help strengthen our nation’s economy (or just own some nice necklaces).

1. The M Jewelers, @themjewelers

Love of my life. Fire of my loins (or whatever “Lolita” line Lana Del Rey sampled). The M Jewelers is my go-to place for personalized pieces. Also can we talk about that iced-out initial necklace??? I NEED.

2. Adina’s Jewels, @adinas.jewels

I saw goddess Alexa Demie (aka Maddy Perez from “Euphoria”) wearing 9, 832 crystal rings by Adina’s Jewels, and now I want to wear 9, 832 crystal rings by Adina’s Jewels.

3. Mejuri, @mejuri

Mejuri has that whole golden French girl thing on lock, and I scream every time I see them show up in my news feed.

4. Daisy London, @daisy_jewellery

I’ve been obsessed with chunky gold jewelry, and Daisy London always has the fix.

5. Lili Claspe, @lili_claspe

High chance I’ll never stop being obsessed with Lili Claspe jewelry. This brand is full of gorgeous pieces that, to me, are a mix of boho meets Tudor meets “Call Me By Your Name.” I’m particularly in love with the Vita Coin necklace and have rarely taken it off since I first put it on.

6. Missoma, @missomalondon

Missoma has a loyal celeb fanbase. And, honestly, I can see why—their pieces are beyond incredible. Plus, they’ve made it easy with their jewelry layering sets.

7. Shami, @shamiofficial

Shami’s jewelry takes inspo from everyday things and makes them cooler. Never have I ever wanted a necklace with a gold carabiner on it before.

8. Argento Vivo, @argentovivo_us

My dream in life is to be decked out in custom Argento Vivo rings.

9. Bagatiba, @bagatiba

I’m holding my breath for Bagatiba‘s zodiac necklace launch. But in the mean time, I’ll just be over here drooling over literally everything else on their website.