Adjustable Tablet Stands That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

Alicia Kort
Adjustable Tablet Stands That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier
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If your tablet is the main way you stream or the device you use to record all of your TikTok videos, you should check out tablet stands. It isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, but you could save your neck from soreness or totally transform your social media content. These pieces of aluminum and metal can act like a tripod, a computer monitor, a cookbook, a mini-TV and a book holder. Skip the arm workout and the hand-held shaky cam videos. Practice some self-care and invest in yourself with a tablet holder. It’ll solve some of your tech problems and make your Riverdale marathon sesh on the couch more comfortable.  

We found the best adjustable tablet stands for you. If you’re going to take everything to the next level, you want a tablet holder that’s reliable and isn’t going to fall over while holding your expensive iPad. One of our picks is foldable, so you can put it in your purse in case you have a spur-of-the-moment location video shoot. Another option can adjust so it’ll hold both your smartphone and tablet. Just think of the possibilities. Our last pick looks more profesh. It has an empty circle in the base, so you can put your charging cord through it. This tablet holder just screams mini-computer stand. 

This story was originally published on June 30, 2020.

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1. UGREEN Tablet Stand

From iPads to Samsung Galaxy Tablets, you can prop your tablet of choice on this tablet stand. With a sleek design, this tablet is foldable, so it can easily slip into your purse when you’re done using it. The tablet has silicone pads at the bottom, making sure that you don’t scratch up your desk or table. You can adjust the tablet to the perfect angle for your Netflix viewings, cooking sessions and Instagram photoshoots.

UGREEN Tablet Stand

Image: Amazon.

2. SAIJI Tablet Stand

This tablet stand is so adjustable that you can shrink it down to hold your smartphone. Goodbye selfie stick, hello tablet and phone holder. The stand is meant to match your eye-level, so you don’t get a sore neck bending over your tablet. It’s a great make-shift tripod or a mini-TV. It might look a little unreliable, but it’s made out of aluminum and has a counterweighted base. The holder won’t fall over easily.

SAIJI Tablet Stand

Image: Amazon.

3. Lamicall Tablet Stand

With this stand, you’re able to adjust it both horizontally and vertically. With a giant hole in the middle of the stand, you’re able to charge your iPad easily, without having to rig your charger around the tablet. This lightweight stand can support tablets and tablet cases that are less than 18 mm. wide. Measure your case before deciding to purchase this holder.  It’s available in black, silver or shiny rose gold.

Lamicall Tablet Stand

Image: Amazon.

4. KABCON Quality Tablet Stand

This tablet stand strikes the delicate balance between durable and lightweight, because it’s made out of a spaceflight Aluminum-Titanium Alloy. The tablet can support most tablets and iPads, including Kindles. You can use the stand to read, watch videos, drawing and for playing video games. There’s also a hole in the back, which ensures that your tablet doesn’t overheat. The stand comes in white or black.

KABCON Quality Tablet Stand


5. AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Holder

This stylish black tablet holder is super sturdy. It has a non-skid base, so it won’t move from the spot you put it in. You can configure this tablet holder into two different positions, either vertical or horizontal, which gives you more flexibility. The tablet can be folded down and put into your backpack easily. You can use any tablet device with this stand, which is great news for people who own multiple tablets.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Holder


6. Adjustable iPad Stand

If you want to use your tablet stand as a makeshift monitor and connect it to your wireless keyboard, this is a great pick. This durable pick can raise your tablet high enough so you don’t have to strain your neck looking down at it from a flat surface, like a desk. You’re also able to change the angle of the stand. The stand can hold a variety of tablets, even those of slightly larger sizes.

Adjustable iPad Stand


7. AICase Telescopic Adjustable iPad Stand

You don’t have to get a tablet stand in black or silver. There are some more vibrant options out there. You can get this stand in red, pink, silver and black. You can see your tablet either vertically or horizontally. Plus, it’ll hold any tablet ranging from 3 in. to 12 in. long, so that pretty much runs the gamut of all of the laptops out there.

AICase Telescopic Adjustable iPad Stand