Every Single Dress Worn By Best Actress Oscar Winners: An Infographic

hi res oscar dresses1 487x1024 Every Single Dress Worn By Best Actress Oscar Winners: An Infographic

Photo: MediaRun

There’s not much to say about this infographic except: We absolutely love it.

Created by London-based SEO and digital consulting firm MediaRun, the chart charmingly showcases every dress worn by all the Best Actress Oscar winners since the awards’ first show in 1929. Between Audrey Hepburn‘s Givenchy gown in 1954, Sissy Spacek‘s black pants jumpsuit in 1981, and everything before and after, it’s definitely a fun trip down red carpets past.

From MediaRun’s blog:

Other than the pleasure of looking at the dresses and remembering them from the occasion (depending on your age), it is interesting to see how styles change over the decades. The ’50s are classically elegant, as one might expect, while the love/hate relationship people have with ’80s fashion is on full display with wildly different and highly original designs each year. The early ceremonies were a far less extravagant occasion and fashion choices reflected that, while today’s events see luxurious flowing gowns from the world’s leading designers.

Take a look at all the Oscars dresses, and let us know which ones were your absolute favorites, and which look better as sketches!