Bend It Like Bradshaw


Women in New York are either looking for labels or they’re looking for love…but what if you already found both? Having already accomplished a staggering collection of couture + the most beautiful man alive, Victoria Beckham is off to conquer the next thing on her fashionable To Do list…acting.

Having turned down a role in SATC: The Movie the first time around due to a Spice Girls obligation, she’s now picking up a few acting classes to hopefully bag a role in the sequel (which just might be a small redeeming factor for the not-really-anticipated follow-up film).

While it’s up in the air whether or not stylist Pat Fields will be back after some arguments over wardrobe, (Sarah Jessica Parker thought the character’s outfits should reflect the economy… to which Field responded with a hateful dead-eye glare) we think Beckham could lend a sky-high Louboutin or two to the set.

While it doesn’t exactly take Coppola-like talent to lunch and pout about your boyfriend with cameras around, the teeny Posh Spice might fill a theater seat or two.