This Clue Hints at if Ben & Alex Are Still Together After ‘Dating Around’ Season 2

Dating Around
Photo: Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dating Around season 2 on Netflix. Anyone who’s seen Netflix’s Dating Around can agree that Ben is one of the more eccentric—but lovable—characters in the second season. Of course, this makes us wonder if Ben and Alex are still together after Dating Around season 2 on Netflix.

Dating Around, which premiered its second season on Friday, June 12, follows one single on five blind dates. The dates occur one after another, and after the single’s week of dates, they choose the person they want to go on a second date with, which is revealed in the final minutes of the episode. Each episode is centered on a different person, and the second episode is all about Benjamin Samuels, a computer science professor at the University of New Orleans who specializes in video games. (Each season is also set in a different city, and season 2 is set in New Orleans after the first season in New York City.)

At the start of the episode, Ben’s friend describes him as the “most datable” guy she knows, but he’s a classic example of how nice guys sometimes finish last. (He gives each of them a bouquet of yellow flowers!) Ben’s five dates are with Alex, Kat, Shamerick, Stephanie and Jaden. Before Dating Around, Ben was in a relationship for 10 and a half years. Toward the end of his relationship, his then-girlfriend asked to be in an open relationship, which Ben agreed to. When his girlfriend started to date someone new, Ben felt happy, which he knew was a sign that he and his ex needed to break up.

Ben, who’s originally from California, has polite small talk with all of the women. (There’s an awkward moment when he learns that he’s on a date with a student fro the same university he works at.) But in the end, he chooses Alex Bosworth, a singer, who he immediately clicks with. From the get-go, Alex and Ben connect on their love of musical theatre (Alex even suggests that they audition for a local musical in New Orleans together.) They also both order the gnocchi at the dinner, which Ben remembers to give to Alex at the end of the night. Though Ben chooses Alex, there is a moment where he asks Jaden for a second date. While Jaden turns Ben down, telling him that she feels more of a “platonic” relationship, it’s unclear if Jaden was Ben’s first pick for date number two. Either way, Alex and Ben looked cute at the end of their episode as they skipped away with a bottle of wine and basket full of gnocchi (or so they hoped.)

But are they still together? That answer is also unclear, but we’re inclined to say no. After some sleuthing on Alex and Ben’s Instagrams, it doesn’t seem like either of them follow each other. While this could be away for them to not spoil the show, it’s more likely because their relationship ended. Likewise, Alex also didn’t like Ben’s Instagram post where talked about how he starred on Dating Around in the first place.

“I only ask because, ah, I got to be on a Netflix show! A *reality dating show* of all things! It’s called Dating Around, and you’ll just have to trust me, the whole thing was really classy!” he wrote in the caption. He continued, “It was really a joy to work on it, and I’d be honored if you checked it out!”

That said, it seems like Ben only created his Instagram a few days before season 2 premiered, so it may be that at the time of us writing this that Alex didn’t even know about it yet. But we did check Ben’s Twitter, and it doesn’t seem like there was a follow from his Dating Around winner there either. He did receive a heart from season 1’s Gurki Basra on his Instagram though.

As for Alex, it’s unclear if she’s in a relationship or if she’s still single. She does have some swanky earrings designed by her roommate. Oh well, their dates were still fun to watch. Crossing our fingers that Ben finds another gnocchi lover.

Dating Around season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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