A Definitive Guide to Bella Thorne’s Tattoos & Their Meanings

STYLECASTER | Bella Thorne Tattoos
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When it comes to tattoos, Bella Thorne knows her stuff. From the number “93” on her forearm to whiskers on her finger and a heart on her palm, the 21-year-old has almost a dozen tats, and it doesn’t look like her collection is slowing down any time soon. But what are each of Thorne’s tattoos? And most importantly, what do they each mean?

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Well, to find our, we did the legwork and researched the former Disney Channel’s coolest and cutest tats. From teeny-tiny marks you might’v missed (like the beyond-small heart on her shoulder) to the bigger marks we could never forget (like the “I love you” written in children’s handwriting under her boob), here’s a definitive look at Thorne’s tattoo collection.

“93” on Forearm

In 2017, Thorne tattooed the number “93” on her forearm. But the number isn’t Thorne’s birth year. (She was born in 1997.) It’s the birth year of her older sister, Dani Thorne, who was born on January 19, 1993. Thorne and her sister are close, as seen by the other tattoos they’ve gotten for each other later on in this story.

“Wild” and “Kitty” on Ankles

In 2016, Thorne inked her seventh tat: the words “wild” and “kitty” on each of her ankles. The tattoo was the fifth done by celebrity tattoo artist, Daniel Winter. It also isn’t the first cat-themed tattoo Thorne has received (more on that later), and, as she explains in her Instagram caption, the meaning behind the ink is “self-explanatory.”

Cat Whiskers on Finger

STYLECASTER | Bella Thorne Tattoos

Snapchat (@BellaThorne).

Thorne’s cat love continued in 2016 when she tattooed whiskers and a cat nose on her finger. She debuted the teeny-tiny ink on Snapchat with a selfie of her holding her finger to her face, pretending her nose was a cat’s.

Heart on Palm

In 2016, Thorne returned to Winter to tattoo a small outline of a heart on her palm. The symbol is a matching tattoo with her longtime hairstylist and makeup artist, Tonya Brewer. “In love with my little matching tat❤️ thanks @winter_stone for keeping it simple for me :)” she wrote on Instagram.

Heart on Shoulder

Thorne’s second heart tattoo is on her shoulder, where she has a small outline of a heart next to her freckle. The tattoo, which is on the left side of her chest and symbolizes “happiness” and “acceptance,” was also done by Winter. “Love my little baby tat 🙂 follow @winter_stone to see the coolest tats!!” she wrote on Instagram.

“B²” on Wrist

Thorne and her best friend, Bella Pendergast, commemorated their friendship—and shared name—with a “B²” on each of their wrists. “B² with my love bug @bellapendergast #besties,” Thorne wrote on her Instagram.

Moon on Ankle

Along with tattooing Dani’s birth year, Thorne also celebrated her bond with her sister with a moon tattoo on her ankle. The tattoo features a crescent moon, along with two small stars. The tattoo, which was Thorne’s second, matches Dani’s planet tattoo, which is on the same location on her body.

Cat Behind Ear

The first-ever tattoo Thorne received was a cat behind her ear in 2015. The tattoo, done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, features an intricate cat, sitting down and staring straight at whoever looks at it.

Lines on Elbow

STYLECASTER | Bella Thorne Tattoos

Instagram (@BellaThorne).

Thorne returned to Stone in 2017 for what looked like an extra-painful tattoo on her elbow. The tattoo featured several lines and dots aligned in a circle, somewhat resembling a sun. It’s unknown what the meaning is, but from the looks of it, it must be something Thorne likes if she was to withstand the pain for it.

“I Love You” on Shoulder

In 2017, Thorne tattooed the words “I Love You” on her shoulder. She debuted the tattoo in a topless selfie, which showed the words curved over shoulders, right above her boob. The tattoo is handwritten, in rainbow and meant to be paired with a less-sweet tattoo lower on her body.

“Bite Me” on Butt

Along with her “I Love You” tattoo, Thorne also has a “Bite Me” tattoo on her ass. The tattoo is in all-capital letters and is right below Thorne’s waist.

“If Lost, Find Twin” on Foot

STYLECASTER | Bella Thorne Tattoos

Instagram (@BellaThorne).

Thorne’s last matching tattoo with her sister is on her foot, where she has the phrase “If Lost, Find Twin” tattooed. The tattoo, which is in all-capital letters, is also inked on Dani’s foot—on the opposite one—so when the sisters put their feet together, the phrases are side by side.


STYLECASTER | Bella Thorne Tattoos

Snapchat (@BellaThorne).

One of Thorne’s less-unconventional tattoos is on her face. But not in the way you might think. In 2016, the actress temporarily filled in her eyebrows by tattooing them. The actress documented the painful process on her Snapchat story, from the time numbing cream was put on to the final result. It was a lot of pain but well worth it—at least for 24 hours, which is how long the tattoo lasted.

Leaf on Arm

Thorne hasn’t talked about this tattoo much, but she has a leaf on her arm, close to her elbow. Many believe the leaf to be a marijuana leaf, given the many times the actress has talked about her love for smoking weed.