Bella Thorne Calls Out Paparazzi for Trying to Catch Her in Wardrobe Malfunction

Bella Thorne
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Bella Thorne used to be the definition of IDGAF. But over the years, the 21-year-old has become more and more cautious, especially when it comes to her body. “As I’m getting older, I’ve become more open and somehow more private at the same time,” Thorne told Vulture. “I know how that sounds. My body, uh, how do I put this? I used to be so comfortable.”

The former Disney channel star explained she used to be so comfortable with her body that she and her sister would change in public at the beach. However, as more and more paparazzi try to make money off her body and catch her in wardrobe malfunctions, her comfort has dwindled. “I kinda never had a sacred feeling about my body. Things have changed as I’ve gotten older and made mistakes,” Thorne said.

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The Famous in Love star recalled a recent moment when she wore a semi-sheer shirt, which exposed some of her nipples. To cover them completely, Thorne wore long hair extensions, thinking it was enough to protect her from the paparazzi. “There was this one time I was wearing a see-through shirt to go out, and I thought, It’s no big deal; it’s only a little bit see-through. You might see a little bit of the nipple piercing, but my extensions are long enough that they cover my boobs,” Thorne said. “So, like, it’s totally fine. I can’t wear a top under it because then that’d fuck with the ruffles on the top. All this shit, buzzing around in my head.”

However, what she didn’t account for was the wind, which blew her hair back, and the flashes from the paparazzi’s camera, which made her semi-sheer shirt completely sheer. “All night, I’m feeling good. Nobody’s seen a single boob; my hair’s been doing the job,” Thorne said. “What I did not think about is going outside, where the wind blows back your hair and the flashbulbs hit, making your see-through-ish shirt look like it’s not even there. You might as well be naked, bitch. Like, ‘Hello there, cameras, here’s everything!'”

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Thorne recalled the reaction the next morning, in which people tagged her in the pictures and shamed her for showing her boobs. “I remember waking up and seeing the pictures in my tagged photos the next morning, and everyone’s like, [sniveling voice] ‘Oh my god, Bella Thorne; oh my good, look at her boobs,'” Thorne said. “It’s just [long, exhausted exhalation.]”

She explained that it was moments like that that made her more protective of her privacy, especially when it came to her body. “I’ve always been pretty whatever about it, no big deal. I’ve been starting to lose that,” Thorne said. “You give so much of yourself away—because you want to!—but you realize that you have to keep something for yourself. You have to. I guess my body might be one of those things. I think I’m starting to feel that way.”