Bella Thorne Talks Insecurities While Posing 100-Percent Nude

Bella Thorne Talks Insecurities While Posing 100-Percent Nude
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Bella Thorne is baring it all—literally and figuratively. The 19-year-old actress recently posed 100-percent nude for GQ México‘s October issue. And though Thorne’s pictures look amazing, as expected, she took to Instagram afterward to talk about insecurities and explain how she doesn’t always see the beauty people often associate her with.

On Thursday, Thorne Instagrammed a shot of her completely naked (aside from a pair of strappy stilettos, diamond bracelet, and a few rings) while sitting in a chair with her arm strategically placed to cover her nipple. In her caption, Thorne revealed that she specifically asked GQ Mexico not to retouch the photos, so she could prove to her fans that she has imperfections like anyone else.

“I specifically asked for no re touching on this photo, and lemme tell you I have insecurities, about pretty much everything,” Thorne wrote. “That’s natural & that’s human. You might look at this photo and think oh shush bella, but just know everytime someone looks in the mirror they simply don’t see what everyone else sees.”

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Thorne, who also posed topless and in a pair of lingerie bottoms for another picture, wanted her fans to understand that everyone, no matter how confident they may seem, has insecurities. Thorne also sought to break down the facade of celebrity by admitting the natural vain desire to have her photos retouched.

“As a public persona you know naturally that everytime you shoot with a magazine there is always small retouching,” she wrote. “Cuz yeah if they show my acne scars or a wrinkle in my forehead or my teeth aren’t perfectly white, people will look at the photo and say no she’s not perfect and usually most people don’t want the public trashing and I get it.”

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Thorne ended her caption with a powerful statement about how she isn’t perfect, despite the public’s misconception that she (and other celebrities) might be. Of course, in true Bella Thorne fashion, she also preemptively shut down trolls who may criticize her looks. “But fuck it I’m here to tell you that’s right I’m not FUCKING PERFECT,” she wrote. “IM A HUMAN BEING AND IM REAL. So hip hop your asses over the fence and GET OVER IT.”

Sure, Thorne’s had some controversial behavior in the past, but when it comes to insecurities, the girl has it right.