Every (Almost) Naked Picture Bella Thorne Has Ever Posted on Instagram

Bella Thorne
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Bella Thorne has come a long way from her Disney Channel days. Once known as the squeaky-clean redhead on Disney’s “Shake It Up,” Thorne has grown up and so has her Instagram. These days, you can find the 20-year-old showing off her acne, smoking unidentified substances with her friends, and posting plenty of naked and nearly naked thirst traps.

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In a mini-documentary for Vogue, Thorne has admitted herself that nude photos are the bread and butter of her Instagram and what has given her the cache and popularity to demand $65,000 per sponsored Instagram post. “Oh. This is what they like. This is what you want to see? OK,” Thorne recalled after hitting a million likes on a picture of her wearing a body-conscious dress. Thorne has also been open and honest about her insecurities and how posing nude has helped her embrace them. See every naked picture Thorne has posted on Instagram ahead.

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