Bella Thorne Bravely Reveals That She Was Molested in Emotional Tweets

Bella Thorne Bravely Reveals That She Was Molested in Emotional Tweets
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On Friday, Bella Thorne joined a long list of public figures who bravely opened up this year about their experience with sexual harassment and assault. In a series of emotional tweets to her fans, the 20-year-old actress revealed that she is a survivor of molestation.

The “Famous in Love” star disclosed her sexual assault history when a Twitter user retweeted a picture of her wearing a suit without a top underneath, which Thorne captioned with, “I would fuck this suit if I could.”

In their tweet, the user referenced Thorne’s Disney Channel past, which included three years on the show, “Shake It Up,” asking her if she was molested. “What did Disney do to this girl?! I think she was molested,” the user tweeted at Thorne.

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The tweet prompted Thorne to reveal that she was molested, but not during her time at Disney. The actress didn’t divulge any more about her sexual assault experience, but she did tweet back several fans who voiced their support, as well as wrote a somber tweet about how “the world can be a sick place.”

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It’s important to note that Thorne doesn’t owe anyone details about her sexual assault, so whether she opens up further is up to her. We admire her bravery for coming forward.