Does Bella Thorne Smoke? This Marlboro T-Shirt Says Maybe

Does Bella Thorne Smoke? This Marlboro T-Shirt Says Maybe
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Yikes, Bella Thorne is getting some serious heat for posting a pic of herself wearing a Marlboro shirt on her Insta story. [Teen Vogue]

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating? The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ co-stars poked fun at the rumors on Twitter, but we’re secretly hoping it’s true. [Cosmo]

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is almost here with the most insane discounts of the summer. [Refinery29]

A company in Mumbai is now offering ‘First Day of Period’ leave for its female staff. [Bustle]

The Internet is absolutely in love with American Eagle’s new denim hijab—and we have to say, we’re really feeling it to. [Fashionista]

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E-commerce sites are finding Kylie Jenner look-alike models to sell their clothes, and we’re definitely a little weirded out. [Racked]

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend got a tattoo of her name in Disney font, and we’re not sure whether to be happy for her or cringe. [People]

In a recent interview, Miley Cyrus opened up about feeling sexualized in her twerking days and what she found disturbing about her time as Hannah Montana. [Elle UK]

Taylor Swift once again broke her Instagram silence to congratulate to Selena Gomez. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Have you considered heating up your sheet mask before using it? [Allure]

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