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Bella Thorne & Malin Akerman’s New Movie ‘Chick Fight’ is the Feminist Fight Club We’ve Been Waiting For

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Bella Thorne & Malin Akerman’s New Movie ‘Chick Fight’ is the Feminist Fight Club We’ve Been Waiting For

Bella Thorne and Malin Akerman‘s new movie, Chick Fight, is the feminist Fight Club we’ve been waiting for.

In Chick Fight, which premieres on Friday, November 13, Akerman stars as Anna Wyncomb, a broke coffee shop owner who’s introduced to an underground, all-female fight club through her friend, Charleen (Dulce Sloan.) After losing in her first fight, Anna recruits coach Jack Murphy (Alec Baldwin) to train her, with the hopes of beating her rival, Olivia (Bella Thorne.)

Ahead of Chick Fight‘s premiere, Akerman and Thorne played a game of Marry, Fight, Kill with StyleCaster, where they were asked who they would fight, marry or kill between a variety of celebrities—from cast members, such as Sloan, Baldwin and Kevin Connolly, to feminist icons, like Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama and Gloria Steinem. “All the guys are out,” Akerman said when asked if she would fight, marry or kill Prince Harry.

As for who would win in a fight between them, Akerman believes that she and Thorne are pretty equal in the ass-kicking department. “I don’t know because. We’re good at choreography. We’re good at dancing together. I think it would be pretty even,” Akerman said. Thorne, on the other hand, doesn’t agree. “I think Malin would just kick my ass,” she said.

When asked if any accidents happened on set, Akerman revealed that her stunt double was involved in a mishap that resulted in a massive bump on her forehead. “There was one one day where my stunt double was doing another fight with another actress, and she was knocked in the head real hard. It was an accident, but it was terrible. She had, like, a goose egg,” Akerman said. Thorne added, “It was so big. I’ve seen people get hit in the head before and it’d be a little bubble on their head, but she got hit so hard. Like what a badass. She took it.”

Despite the intense fight scenes, Akerman assured that energy on set was more fun than violent. “Both Bella and I are a bit of goofballs. We love to get in the action and just be silly. It was a really light set,” she said. With that said, there was one scene that Akerman wouldn’t do again. “The stuff with the coconut hitting me in the fact was interesting. It did hurt after a while,” she said of a scene where Anna punches a coconut-shaped boxing bag that keeps rebounding in her face.

Chick Fight premieres on Friday, November 13.

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