Bella Thorne Motorboated and Made Out With Her Friend, and It’s on Video

Bella Thorne Motorboated and Made Out With Her Friend, and It’s on Video
Photo: Getty Images

Bella Thorne’s Snapchat never ceases to amaze us. On Sunday, the 19-year-old actress fogged up our phone screens when she posted two steamy videos of her making out with and motorboating her friend and YouTube star Tana Mongeau.

The videos were shot as the two attended Las Vegas’s Life Is Beautiful music festival over the weekend. Early Sunday, Thorne posted a short, Boomerang-like clip of her dressed in cat ears and a peephole swimsuit while holding Mongeau’s breasts. The clip, which was filmed in Thorne’s hotel room, began with Thorne giving the camera a cheeky look before diving her face into Mongeau’s cleavage. The video continued with Thorne nuzzling her face in between Mongeau’s breasts as the internet sensation jiggled her boobs in front of her.

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Later that night, Thorne posted three photos of her locking lips with Mongeau at the festival. The pictures, which showed the 19-year-olds sloppily making out, featured tons of tongue, including one picture where it looked like Thorne literally licked Mongeau’s chin.

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Contrary to their very intimate weekend, Thorne and Mongeau are new-ish friends. In June, Mongeau posted a YouTube video in which she talked about the moment she first met Thorne. In the video titled, “i tried to fuck Scott Disick. now Bella Thorne hates me,” Mongeau recalls “hoe dancing” with Disick at a Las Vegas party, which was quickly interrupted when Thorne “came out of nowhere” to replace Mongeau as Disick’s dancing partner. “On occasion she hit a good [pose] and she’ll like, look at me like, ‘Yeah, bitch. You see this?’ And I’m like, ‘I do, sister. I’ll give it to you,'” she said in the video.

Turns out, Thorne doesn’t hate her and the two became super-close friends—or at least close enough to motorboat and make out with each other for the entire internet to see.