Bella Thorne Dressed Up As a Sexy Girl Scout for Halloween, and I’m Shook

Maggie Griswold
Bella Thorne Dressed Up As a Sexy Girl Scout for Halloween, and I’m Shook
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

As someone who loves both Halloween and celebrity fashion, getting a peek at what the stars dress up as for the holiday is always a major treat. (And sometimes a trick is thrown in, too.) While I’m relatively over the whole make-everything-sexy costume trend, I accept it when it comes from an icon. Bella Thorne’s Girl Scout Halloween costume was anything but tame, and I’m very into it. Girl Scout, but make it sexy, is something I thought I’d never write—yet here I am, basking in the glory that is Bella Thorne’s sexy Girl Scout costume. The actress—and now author—consistently posts jaw-dropping photos on Instagram, and this latest look is downright wild. Heads will turn and heads will roll for Bella Thorne’s Halloween costume. It’s getting sexy and spooky up in here.

Wearing a lacy bralette, green skirt and a giant green bow in her hair, Bella Thorne looked every bit a grown-up Girl Scout. If you’ve been searching for ways to make any costume sexy, pairing a short skirt with a lacy bra seems to be the best (and chicest) way. Should I change my costume to this last minute?! I’m conflicted!

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While I don’t know what types of badges this version of a Girl Scout earns, but I have a feeling they are not safe for work—or Instagram. Since making her directorial debut on Pornhub, though, this sexy costume comes as no surprise. Bella Thorne is known for owning her sexuality, and that’s exactly what she’s doing in both her work and play. Plus, the actress captioned the Instagram photos with “COOKIE DELIVERY.” And while at first, pictures of Tagalongs and Thin Mints twirled in my head, I realized that maybe—just maybe—those weren’t the type of cookies to which she’s referring. Either way, I’m game.