The Important Reason Bella Thorne Named Her Dog ‘Tampon’

Bella Thorne
Photo: Getty Images

Bella Thorne is known for her care-free and DGAF personality. So when she named her new dog, an adorable Australian Shepherd, “Tampon” in December, most of us didn’t bat an eyelash at the unusual and eccentric moniker. Little did we know, Thorne had a secret message behind the name and it has to do with destigmatizing periods.

Last week, the 20-year-old actress posted an Instagram of her and Tampon to promote her television show, “Famous in Love.” The Instagram was a sweet shot of Thorne and Tampon looking into each other’s eyes as Thorne leaned over from a pool. “Me and tampon are watching famous in love tonight 😍 who else is?” she captioned the Instagram.

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Soon after, the Instagram sparked backlash from an internet troll who criticized Thorne’s dog’s name. “Why would you do that to a poor dog,” the troll commented. Not having someone talk smack about her dog, the former Disney Channel star clapped back and taught the troll a lesson about the stigmatization of women’s bodies.

In a response to the troll, Thorne explained that there is nothing negative about a tampon or periods and that a tampon is actually a good thing because of the help it provides for people who have their period. “naming her tampon? When did tampon become a bad thing? When did someone buy a tampon and it didn’t come in handy?” Thorne replied.

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Thorne has a point. There’s a stigma that periods, a natural bodily process that happens to half the population, is “gross” or shouldn’t be talked about. Thorne’s decision to name her dog Tampon (despite protests from her followers) is a reminder that there is nothing wrong with tampons or any other period-related item. Good on her for putting the troll in her place.