Bella Thorne Slams Accusations That She’s ‘On Crack’ Because She Has Acne

Bella Thorne
Photo: Getty Images

Like most celebrities, Bella Thorne is used to tuning out the hate. The 20-year-old, who is often shamed for her acne in her makeup-free pictures, is known for her chill attitude toward her haters. But even she can’t ignore everything. On Wednesday, the “Famous in Love” star took to her Twitter to call out bullies who accused her of being on crack cocaine because she has acne and looks “exhausted.”

In her tweets, Thorne referenced an Instagram picture from earlier that day of her in a red bikini with no makeup on, showing off her acne. She then went off on haters who accused her of using drugs because she had pimples on her face and looked tired from days of nonstop working. “You guys got me fucked what what cuz I don’t wear makeup and I’m exhausted from working and I have acne, and you guys think I’m [on] crack?” Thorne tweeted.

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After she continued to slam haters who pick her apart, the former Disney Channel star ended her rant by urging those who criticize her to realize that they’re commenting on a real-life person, not an untouchable celebrity.

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Thorne is right. To assume that someone is on drugs because they have acne or look tired is ludicrous. Though she definitely doesn’t owe her haters the time of day, we’re glad that Thorne spoke up for herself. We hope her haters hear her words and stop the incessant trolling.