Bella Thorne Just Chopped Off Her Hair and Dyed It Blue

Bella Thorne Just Chopped Off Her Hair and Dyed It Blue
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Two weeks ago, Bella Thorne displayed what was possibly the most non-wintery hair we’ve ever seen and dyed her hair rainbow. But apparently rainbow hair didn’t quite match her New Year’s Eve outfit, so she debuted yet another new color yesterday: blue.

She didn’t stop there. She also chopped at least six inches of her hair off, leaving her long, wavy locks behind in 2016 and marching into the new year with a fresh cut.

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Because dying your hair navy and significantly shortening it is worth nothing if you don’t immediately show it off (at least in Hollywood), Thorne then headed straight to a birthday party at Think Tank Gallery in downtown L.A., as E! News reports.

There’s still time before New Year’s Eve if you feel so inclined to try this look yourself. Or, you know, just try wearing some red leather pants, as she did last night, and call it a day.

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