Bella Thorne Shares Rare Photo of Her ‘Bite Me’ Ass Tattoo

Bella Thorne
Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images.

It’s no secret Bella Thorne is a fan of tattoos, from abstract lines on her elbow to a heart on her shoulder. But one tat we’ve rarely seen is the 20-year-old actor’s ass tattoo of the phrase “BITE ME” in big, bold letters. Fortunately for us, Thorne recently blessed us with a close-up shot of her tattoo, while teasing some merch for her current single, “Pussy Mine.” (Gotta love her.)

In true Bella-Thorne fashion, the former Disney Channel star showed off her butt tattoo on Instagram, with a picture of her pulling down her jeans to reveal the words “BITE ME” in all caps. Thorne dressed her tattoo up with a sports bra with an elastic band printed with the phrase, “Pussy Mine,” as well as a belt with the same pattern. “Pussymine #pussymine#pussymine,” Thorne captioned the Instagram, nodding to her song’s chorus.

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Pussymine #pussymine #pussymine link in bio

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Thorne has shown off the tattoo. The actor first debuted the ink in 2017 with a close-up of the words “BITE ME” on her hip. But this is the first time that we’ve seen it a little more zoomed-out and in all its glory.

Well, that’s one way to catch our attention. No matter what you have to say about Thorne, you can’t say she isn’t a hustler. Love the tattoo and love the song, Bells.