Yup, Bella Hadid’s Bvlgari Necklace Is Covered in Marijuana Leaves

Lindsey Lanquist
Yup, Bella Hadid’s Bvlgari Necklace Is Covered in Marijuana Leaves
Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Bvlgari .

When Bella Hadid isn’t sporting tiny sunglasses or athleisure, she’s typically clad in some kind of high-fashion ensemble. A chic-if-confusing glazed pencil skirt, a surprisingly avant-garde “it’s raining out” look, a blazer—at a bar.

The latest eye-catching (and assuredly expensive) piece to make her list? A Bvlgari diamond and ruby necklace that looks like it features a cascade of flowers, but actually features a cascade of marijuana leaves. (Yup, you heard us.)

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On Sunday, Hadid took to Instagram to share a few photos of the head-turning necklace. The first showed her wearing the piece with a sequin-covered black evening gown, and the second was a close-up of the same look. She also posted a video of her wearing the necklace while saucily navigating a room full of beaded curtains, and she shared a zoomed-in video of the necklace, as well.

“Last night at my @bulgariofficial family dinner,” Hadid wrote on Instagram. “Wearing the newest, my most favorite, ‘happy leaves’ necklace set with rubies.”

The necklace is part of Bvlgari’s “High Jewelry” line, though it interprets the theme more literally than any other piece in the collection. A similar version of Bella’s piece (featuring diamonds and emeralds, rather than diamonds and rubies) is currently listed on Bvlgari’s site, sans price point. So if you want a luxe weed necklace of your own, you’ll likely have to make an appointment.

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We have to say, though, we prefer Hadid’s ruby-and-diamond necklace to the emerald-and-diamond one listed on the site. The rubies have a pinkish hue that leaves the not-so-subtle necklace feeling a little more understated. When rendered in pink, the weed leaves look like flowers, making the marijuana more of an inside joke between the wearer and close viewer (and not just a statement yelled loudly for all to hear).

Maximalism, but elegant maximalism, ya know? (Well, as elegant as you can get while wearing marijuana on your neck.)