Bella Hadid Flashed Her Breasts in Paris in a Sheer Top

Bella Hadid Flashed Her Breasts in Paris in a Sheer Top
Photo: Getty

Bella Hadid just strutted the Givenchy Menswear fall/winter runway in Paris—and then she hit the town wearing a sheer top and no bra. Honestly, same.

In all seriousness, Hadid forwent a bra and had a little run-in with the paparazzi and a light breeze—the perfect formula for a little wardrobe malfunction action (and, you know, some headlines)—though she must have gone with a little double-sided tape to keep relatively decent. (Or maybe her jacket was made of lead.) Have a look.

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Here’s a peek at the full ensemble:

Safe to say that she got the attention she was seeking. Also, in related news, bestie Kendall Jenner also stepped out sans bra in a transparent top in Paris, but on a different photo op outing. Guess they coordinate who goes without a bra at what time, so as to share the attention equally. Or as equally as possible—no one cares about Kendall Jenner anymore.

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