Bella Hadid Got a “Versace” Tattoo On Her Arm, and We Have Questions

Bella Hadid Got a “Versace” Tattoo On Her Arm, and We Have Questions
Photo: Getty Images.

Bella Hadid is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names (and faces, and bodies) in the fashion industry in 2018—and for years, she’s been a muse for the team behind the Versace label. So it’s only natural that Bella Hadid would headline Versace’s most recent campaign, alongside Donatella Versace herself.

In most of her campaigns for the fashion industry giant, Hadid sits pretty in a trendy outfit, dripping in gold jewelry and fanciful accessories. But this one is a little more daring, if you will.

A recent Instagram post shows Hadid getting tatted (not for real, of course), with “Versace” written literally ginormous cursive text—like, text so large it covers her entire forearm. Hadid sits calmly, without flinching or making eye contact with  the tattoo artist. If you turn on the volume, a song from “Swan Lake” plays loudly in the background, and the only other sound you can hear is the buzzing of the needle. It’s honestly kind of terrifying. And then, the identity of the tattoo artist is revealed: Donatella. Freaking. Versace.

Could you cry? We’re crying. Seriously.

The advertisement is aesthetically gorgeous. The pair sit in an austere gray room, with Hadid dressed in a leathery turquoise minidress. Donatella looks totally badass in an all-black ensemble, complete with a black leather glove, you know, for tatting. And suddenly, we wouldn’t mind having an enormous, permanent, cursive “Versace” on our forearms, either (especially if Donatella Versace were the one to pen the text).

Oh, and this isn’t the only transcendent marketing campaign to come out of Versace this week. Another video sweeping the fashion industry features supermodel Shalom Harlow, wearing an absolutely batshit (yet stunning) Versace jumpsuit, dancing on set with Donatella and the whole team.

Harlow’s dance moves are definitely questionable, but the entire scene is so captivating, we don’t even care. All we know is: Donatella Versace is basically screwing the concept of traditional marketing—and she’s going absolutely viral, anyway.