Bella Hadid’s Latest Photoshoot Features Chanel Accessories & Um, Not Much Else

Maggie Griswold
Bella Hadid’s Latest Photoshoot Features Chanel Accessories & Um, Not Much Else
Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP.

Rather than downing a few cups of coffee to get the blood pumping today, might I suggest simply perusing these topless Bella Hadid photos for Chaos instead? Now these will wake you up with no issue. No need to spend $5 on a latte when you can be jolted awake by a nearly-naked Bella Hadid staring at you through the screen! The model just starred in new Chaos and Chanel campaign, showing off all the luxury accessories you can buy—and, quite frankly, not a lot else.

I’ve always been a huge Bella Hadid stan, from all the majorly cool street style looks to her runway modeling skills. She never ceases to amaze me with the photos she takes, outfits she wears or brands with which she collaborates. This latest photoshoot is absolutely no different. Posing for the camera in almost nothing, the model gave us a glimpse at the latest in high-end accessories. If anyone wasn’t already paying attention to the London-based luxury brand Chaos before, they certainly are now.

The Chanel accessories Hadid shows off are too in-your-face to miss—and that’s partly due to the fact that there’s, um, not many clothes to distract you. The model has done some near-nude shoots before (Cue the FaceTime photoshoot Bella Hadid did back in April 2020 with Jaquemus.), but nothing quite so eye-catching as this latest series of photos. Low-key, I might need a glass of water after looking through these.

Considering the fact that this photoshoot is all about accessories, it does make sense that Chaos and Chanel would want to display them without the distraction of other items. Having a topless Bella Hadid show off the pieces is definitely one way to make everyone pay close attention. I mean, if you scrolled passed these photos on your Instagram feed and didn’t stop to stare in awe, I’m going to assume you were not even looking at your phone.

And though one could argue that a nearly-naked model is more of an eye-catcher than other clothes—or even the accessories themselves—Chaos clearly knew what they were doing. After all, once Bella Hadid has sparked your interest, the next place your eyes go are the *ding ding* products the brand is selling. It’s a smart move, if you ask me, and I will not be over it any time soon.

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