Bella Hadid Opens Up About ‘Crying and Shaking’ from Anxiety Before Interviews

Bella Hadid Opens Up About ‘Crying and Shaking’ from Anxiety Before Interviews
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Bella Hadid might exude the confidence of a supermodel when she’s strutting down the catwalk, but behind closed doors, she suffers from serious social anxiety. The 21-year-old model opened up about her struggle on a recent episode of her mom Yolanda Hadid’s reality show, “Making a Model.”

On the episode, Bella sat down with a few contestants to chat about the competition. When one aspiring model told her about her battle with social anxiety, Bella opened up about her own battle with the mental health disorder. In comparison to her sister, Gigi, who she described as “bubbly and out there,” Bella grew up reserved. When she was thrust into the spotlight and had to red carpet interviews, she recalled “crying and shaking” from her anxiety.

“Believe me, I get it and I understand it,” she said. “I was totally there. My sister is very bubbly and very out there, and I was always very reserved. I would literally start crying and shaking if I had to do interviews at red carpet events. It was really nerve-racking and it’s scary, and it’s not only you.”

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Though she isn’t completely over her anxiety, Bella revealed that she’s learned to handle it better after doing more and more interviews. She ended her conversation with Makenzie with some words of encouragement on how things get better.

“It gets a lot better once you have to talk to people every day,” Bella said. “Then you’re like, ‘Okay, I guess it’s my job, I have to do it!’ ”

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Despite numerous celebrities speaking out about their battle with mental illness, such as anxiety, there are still a lot of skeptics. We appreciate Bella breaking down the fourth wall and sharing her experience to show viewers that they’re not alone.