Bella Hadid’s Shower Selfie Is Beyond Flawless

Bella Hadid’s Shower Selfie Is Beyond Flawless
Photo: Getty Images

If we had superhuman genes like Bella Hadid, you sure as hell could bet we’d take more naked selfies. The 20-year-old supermodel took to Instagram last night to share one of her most naked shots yet—makeup-free and fresh out of the shower.

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Hadid’s captionless photo gives us no context, but her towel-wrapped hair is enough of a hint that this was a pretty spontaneous picture. And we’re going to go ahead and guess—based solely on the fact that her complexion is literally flawless—that Hadid’s selfie didn’t require 100 attempts unlike the rest of us (can we get an amen?). Then again, she is wearing a face full of makeup, so maybe it was a bit premeditated after all.

Hadid is unafraid of posting naked pictures of herself, which is clear with a quick swipe through her Instagram.

Despite their common occurrence, her fans were quick to comment words of praise: “Gorgeous fresh out of the shower!!” one wrote, while another commented, “queen of taking after shower selfies.” Indeed.

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Others, like us, struggled to grasp the possibility that good, naked selfies exist—like one fan, who wrote, “how does one look like that coming out of the shower.” Honestly, if we unearthed the magical beauty hack for the unreal complexion that Hadid is (selfishly) keeping to herself, we would share it with the world—not to mention practice it ourselves.

In the meantime, we are so here for Hadid’s naked selfies and will continue to stare at them in awe—no matter how much of hit our self-esteem takes.