Bella Hadid Dressed for the Rain, but Made It Fashion

Lindsey Lanquist
Bella Hadid Dressed for the Rain, but Made It Fashion
Photo: Edward Berthelot/GC Images.

With every downpour of rain comes a downpour of existential sartorial dread. Because honestly, what the hell do you wear when the sky is crying?

Nothing ruins a carefully curated outfit like a pair of clunky rain boots (even daintier Chelsea boots can cause problems for lighter-weight ensembles). And nothing covers a carefully curated outfit like a rain coat. Plus, raincoats, when worn in warm weather, offer an exquisite kind of discomfort—the vinyl traps your sweat and basically seals itself to your skin. (Need I say more?)

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But Bella Hadid has managed to conquer this dilemma. The model stepped out this weekend wearing a rain-friendly outfit that was equal parts high-fashion and practical. (OK, so it’s more like three parts high-fashion, one part practical. But the practicality is still definitely there.)

gettyimages 1029994494 Bella Hadid Dressed for the Rain, but Made It Fashion

Pierre Suu/Getty Images.

Bella’s look involved a cropped black raincoat with seriously puffy sleeves, matching black harem pants, sleek white heeled ankle boots, a white turtleneck undershirt and an embellished, low-hanging black belt. Warm? Check. Chic? Check. Waterproof? Mostly. Plus, the raincoat comes with a hood Hadid could put up to protect her carefully coiffed mane.

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I’ll be honest: I’m not sure where one might acquire Hadid’s rain-friendly pieces—or how much it might cost to get your hands on them. But isn’t the ability to wear a genuinely cute outfit in a torrential downpour invaluable?

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