Bella Hadid Declares She Quit Smoking in Artsy Cigarette Selfie

Bella Hadid Declares She Quit Smoking in Artsy Cigarette Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

Bella Hadid just made a huge lifestyle change. A day after her BFF Kendall Jenner came under fire for glamorizing smoking in an artsy cigarette selfie, the younger Hadid sister declared that she’s officially cigarette-free.

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In a black-and-white Instagram picture not unlike Kendall’s, the 20-year-old made the big announcement that she’s quitting smoking and likely pursuing a healthier lifestyle. (Clapping emojis all around.) In the photo, the model can be seen puffing a lit cigarette while sporting smudgy makeup and disheveled hair. A vintage-esque filter appears to be added on to make the pic look extra ~aesthetic~.

As for what she had to say, Hadid got straight to the point. “I quit 🚭,” Bella captioned the shot.

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The model posted the photo on the same day she was spotted out in New York City grocery shopping in super-cute workout gear—so it seems like quitting smoking isn’t the only way Bella plans on staying healthy.

While we’re happy Bella is ridding herself of such an unhealthy habit, the smoking selfie she used to declare her quitting still falls along the same problem as Kendall’s.

Like Kendall, who assured that she doesn’t smoke in the caption, Bella also made sure to suggest that she doesn’t condone smoking. Still, photos of smoking celebrities like Bella, Kendall, and younger sister Kylie Jenner are easily spread across the Internet without any context, where the photos can influence fans at face value. Regardless, we’re glad for Bella and congratulate her on making the jump.