Bella Hadid Just Took Her Photoshop Game to the Next Level with This Post

Bella Hadid Just Took Her Photoshop Game to the Next Level with This Post
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Bella Hadid loves Postmates. A couple years ago, she tweeted a screenshot of some witty banter between herself and her Postmate delivery person. Rad.

But it gets even better: Yesterday, Hadid posted a sponsored pic for Postmates on Instagram that was just a photo of herself out shopping, holding Givenchy bags—and a plate of deviled eggs. “@Postmates is the best! I love ordering food on my way home from work or just for a little snack,” she wrote. But lest you think she took the time to Photoshop this herself—nah. “thanks @siduations 😝,” Hadid wrote, shouting-out the hilarious and notorious Photoshop-happy Insta account.

“Everyone should download the app and use my code: BELLA50 for $50 in FREE delivery credits! (Nobody loves delivery more than me.. 😂u think I can use my own code!?! 😎) ✨🍕🍔🍟 YES ITS PHOTOSHOPPED GUYS…promise I don’t walk on the street with a plate of deviled eggs 🤣,” Hadid wrote.

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It’s not always hamburger emojis and platters of deviled eggs for Hadid and Postmates, though. A couple of years ago, Hadid angrily tweeted at Postmates for the classic problem: A delivery that was taking wayyy too long. (Even celebs aren’t immune to this phenomenon, apparently.)

“WHY WONT MY DELIVERY START TRACKING!!!!” Hadid wrote. “I ORDERED 35 MINUTES AGO!” And then she added inexplicably, “MY BROTHER IS GONNA KILL ME !” Guess that’s better than writing, “I’M HUNGRY AS HELL!” Postmates responded, “it will start tracking as soon as the postmate picks it up!” Suuuure. We’ve all heard that one before. But—glad to see Hadid forgave them that blunder.

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