Bella Hadid’s Hot AF Love Magazine Shoot Will Give You Life

Bella Hadid
Photo: Getty Images

Don’t you worry: The beautiful Bella Hadid definitely isn’t out here crying over her breakup with The Weeknd, as proven in a new, racy Instagram post she shared v late last night.

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The 20-year-old and younger sister of fellow model Gigi posed for Love Magazine, and the mag posted a steamy pic of Bella on the ‘gram that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. She’s clad in floral-print lingerie and what looks to be a velvet pseudo-choker necklace, and girl freed the nipple (#hellyes)—but the mag made the shot PG13 by covering the slip with a pink heart. Incidentally, the pic made us all want to run to our nearest gym to copycat those abs—seriously, y’all, have you seen them?

Adding *major* intrigue to the Love shoot, we did some digging and found that the magazine also shot one miss Selena Gomez for what looks to be the same—or a very similar—story. The 24-year-old songstress and current rumored girlfriend of The Weeknd (are you keeping up?) wore a black-and-pink lace bra with high-waisted shorts in the shot, which is similar in aesthetic to the pic of Bella. Photographer Carin Backoff, who’s responsible for both shots, posted the pic of Gomez.

No word on if there’s any actual beef between the two (Gomez unfollowed Hadid on Instagram when she started dating The Weeknd), but we see what you did there, Love.

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