Bella Hadid Debuts New Fringe Bangs as 3rd Hair Change in 3 Days

Bella Hadid Debuts New Fringe Bangs as 3rd Hair Change in 3 Days
Photo: Getty Images

Remember when Bella Hadid made our jaws drop to the floor with ass-length hair extensions? Well, you should considering that was just yesterday. Or how about when the 20-year-old chopped her lob into an adorable super-short bob? That was two days ago.

And like the hair chameleon she is, Hadid has switched up her hair again. That’s right; your counting skills have not deceived you. The model has had three hair changes in three days, while we’re struggling to even come up with three different outfits in that time span. What’d she do this time? Like the rest of Hollywood, she got bangs, of course.

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The younger Hadid sister debuted her super-slick fringe bangs on Instagram yesterday. In the picture, which appears to be from a photoshoot, Hadid gives major supermodel face while showing off her retro jet-black hairdo.

However, here’s the bad news. Like most photoshoots are these days, clip ons, wigs, and tons of hair extensions are pretty much common procedure, and it looks like Hadid isn’t immune to hair trickery. And this isn’t the first time Hadid has deceived us with faux bangs either. Last month, while attending the CFDA Awards in New York, the model nearly gave us a hair-induced heart attack when she stepped out with the most “Pulp Fiction”-esque bob ever—complete with slick bangs, of course.

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So here’s a quick recap. In the past three days, Hadid’s got a bob, down-to-the-knee hair extensions, and fringe bangs. At this rate, we’re expecting Hadid’s next major hair change to happen, well, like two minutes ago. If you see a supermodel on Instagram with rainbow-color hair, that’s probably her.