Bella Hadid Is Being Roasted for Using ‘Dope’ and ‘Homeboy’ to Describe Sneakers

Bella Hadid Is Being Roasted for Using ‘Dope’ and ‘Homeboy’ to Describe Sneakers
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Bella Hadid is a woman of, as it turns out, not that many words—at least, according to a new video in which she uses phrases like “dope” and “homeboy” several times to describe Nike sneakers. The 20-year-old supermodel recently appeared in Complex magazine’s “Sneaker Shopping” web series to talk about her favorite brand, Nike (which she’s also well-paid to be the face of).

In one part of the interview, which has since been memed and posted on Instagram to the tune of 72,000 views, Hadid fawns over Nike’s “dope” unisex sneakers. “Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at,” she says. “If you’re going to have a dope shoe both guys and girls can wear, come on. Matching shoes. That’s dope.”

After explaining that she’s “cool” with dirty shoes on a man as long as they’re “fresh,” Hadid identifies which sneakers in the store turn her on and which turn her off: “If homeboy is coming through with these, it’s quiet. Yeah, no. It’s quiet for him,” she says. “But if he comes through with these. You got some Air Maxes out here. You got some Jordans. Homeboy is going to, like, get it.”

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Since the video went viral, Instagrammers have been roasting Hadid for her “awkward” and “painful” use of slang. Some users accused Hadid of being inauthentic in her word choices, while others simply deemed her interview as “cringey.” A few of the comments included:

“I don’t want to hear Bella Hadid say the word homeboy ever again. And I’m white.”

“You’re hot but how many times can you say dope and homeboy. Cringe.”

“You can tell she’s thinking hella hard about what slang words to say and how to posture throughout this whole vide. This is so painful to watch.”

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Though we’ll admit that Hadid’s interview is certainly a little awk, we still think she’s pretty “dope.” Watch Complex‘s full video with the model below and keep count on how many times she references her “homeboy.”