Bella Hadid’s Baggy Brown Suit Looks Like A Big Piece Of…Chocolate

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Bella Hadid’s Baggy Brown Suit Looks Like A Big Piece Of…Chocolate
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Did Bella Hadid just make grandpa-chic a thing? The star is known to wow in itty-bitty bras and trendy tops, but Bella Hadid’s brown corduroy suit is definitely something else. Don’t get me wrong—I’m actually into the look, which plays on many of 2021’s soon-to-be-everywhere trends, but I can’t help but allude to the fact that it looks like…well, you know. Insert poop emoji here, okay? 💩

Jokes aside, besides the color, there’s nothing ~shitty~ about this outfit at all. If anything, it’s giving me hot chocolate bomb realness! Hadid stepped out during Paris Fashion Week in some dark shades, a SKIMS face mask in shade Clay, black pointy-toed boots and oh, yeah, a full-on brown corduroy suit. The suit’s oversized silhouette featured simple black buttons and the star paired it over what appears to be a tan leather vest (Or maybe a thin jacket?) and a white button-down beneath that.

On description alone, the outfit sounds, um, alright. But of course, it looks fab AF on the beautiful Hadid. And whether or not you’re into it, she’s actually rocking a ton of 2021’s top fashion trends—plus a face mask, so that alone gets her major bonus points in my book.

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The Mega Agency.

Neutral tans, creams and camels were all the rage in 2020, but while those shades will remain popular, classic chocolate brown will top them all in 2021. Of course, this is the perfect shade for Hadid, who happens to have dark chocolatey brown hair at the moment. Talk about a full monochrome moment!

Fabrics like corduroy and leather layers are also huge this season, so even though the whole thing gives me grandpa vibes, I have to give credit where credit is due. Hadid is really pulling this look off! Ironically enough, it isn’t the first time we’ve seen her in a brown suit, but the last one she wore was, well, pretty different than this new cord set.

STYLECASTER | Bella Hadid Brown Suit

The Mega Agency.

Behold, Hadid in a brown leather suit and matching tube top back in April 2019 (Ah, the pre-pandemic days!) while attending Variety’s Power of Women luncheon. How can this sexy ‘fit and the baggy cord moment from this week both classify as brown suits?! Somehow, they do, and while they’re polar opposites, I really do love both looks. Besides, this woman can pull off anything, anyway.

What have we learned here today? First, that Bella Hadid can make anything look good. Second, that chocolate brown is definitely her color. Third, that I need to start shopping with my grandpa and snagging some brown suiting of my own to keep up with 2021’s funky trends. And if I’m copying Hadid’s new look, the baggier the better!

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