Bella Hadid Might’ve Shaded Zayn Malik After His Breakup with Gigi

Bella Hadid Might’ve Shaded Zayn Malik After His Breakup with Gigi
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As you all probably know by now, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are broken up. And while we wait to learn the details of what went wrong in the couple’s two-year relationship, we might’ve just received some key insight from none other than Gigi’s little sister, Bella Hadid.

Hours after Gigi and Zayn announced their split with heartbreaking social media posts, Bella shared an Instagram which seemed to contain a thinly veiled diss directed at her sister’s recent ex. The picture featured Bella reclining on a couch with new bangs, colorful wide-leg pants, a white t-shirt and iPhone by her side. “I’ll be Right here,” she wrote in the caption.

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Now, the picture might not mean much until fans pointed out that Bella’s caption bared an eery resemblance to a lyric in one of Zayn’s songs. In “Dusk Till Dawn,” Zayn’s 2017 track with Sia, the singer croons, “Baby, I’m right here… I’ll hold you when things go wrong…I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn… Baby, I’m right here.”

Many fans have interpreted Bella’s caption as shade toward Zayn no longer being there for Gigi. Likewise, fans have also suggested that Bella’s caption is a subtle message to her sister, letting her know that she’s right there to pick up the pieces—hence, the strategically placed phone right next to her.

Of course, a third interpretation could be a threat toward Zayn, telling him that Bella is going to be right there waiting for him to give him what he deserves after hurting her sister. Whatever the reason is (perhaps Bella just wanted her followers to know where she was), you know that the Hadid sisters’ bond is stronger than any man.

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In other news, Bella and Gigi’s mom seems to be taking the breakup well, judging from the very cryptic and mom-like Instagram she posted about “life.” Word to the wise: Don’t mess with the Hadid women.