Behind the Scenes with Our Model Citizens

Behind the Scenes with Our Model Citizens
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Take a glimpse behind the curtains where StyleCaster’s Model Citizens get glammed up for our latest exclusive editorial photographed by L.A. based photographer, Doug Inglish. We love a girl who can give back and look mind blowingly gorgeous while she’s doing it!

Jenny Shmizu verbalized it best when she told us, “it’s a lot of power to be a model, having this much… access to reach people in different countries and all over the world…why not use some of this…power for good, rather than be just a beautiful girl in a magazine.” The girls in Model Citizen are successful by any definition, beautiful by a mile, and they’ve reached beyond the unabashed glamour of fashion to support causes they believe in. Meet the models who take it to another level. -Kerry Pieri

Lyndsey Scott, NEXT
Alana Zimmer, Ford
Tao Okamoto, Ford
Elettra Wiedemann, NEXT
Jenny Shimizu, Women Management

Anna Speckhart, Marilyn Agency
Marike Le Roux, Wilhemina Models

Stylist: James Worthington DeMolet, Frank Reps
Stylist’s Assistant: Chris Lee
Creative Director: Emily Finkbinder, StyleCaster
Hair: Dennis Lanni, Art Department
Hair Assistant: Hannah Nichols

Make Up: Jenna Menard, Art Department
Make Up Assistant: Lucie Nguyen
Photographer for Behind the Scenes Images: Joseph D’Arco