Behind the Scenes Shots from Duran Duran’s Supermodel Video

Kerry Pieri
Behind the Scenes Shots from Duran Duran’s Supermodel Video
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The eagle eyed Twitter followers at Fashionologie spotted some beau coup shots from behind the scenes of the Duran Duran video featuring some seriously major supermodels (see what I did there with so 80s word beau coup?).

Girls including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and front man wifey Yasmin Le Bon were decked in skimpy, mostly black lingerie (begging the question, “so once you look like a supermodel, do you just always get to look like a supermodel?”) for video for Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic,” directed by Jonas Ackerlund.

Most of the twitpics are courtesy of prolific tweeters Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who were there for the fun most likely because the set is also being used for a Harper’s Bazaar UK cover shoot.

Also, on set was a hot black Rolls Royce because the overall message seems to be that there’s something to be said for something you know is fancy rather than bothering with the next flashy newcomer.