Begging for more


I keep thinking back to Ha Sang Beg’s show at Seoul Fashion Week. Mr. Ha, known as Beggie to his friends, has amazing style (check out this picture of him backstage after his show…the jacket! Those glasses*!!) and his runway reflects his fresh angle on clothing.


Picture Alexander Wang with less of a raw, animalistic sensibility and a bit more on the cerebral side of sexy, and you have Ha’s aesthetic. This season was playful and light, with wispy layers of fabric as in the asymmetrical chiffon blouse or the thin film of fluorescent fabric enveloping denim. The fuzzy effect made me squint in my seat to see how he’d done it, and made me giddy to nab a pair for my closet.

*The glasses are a pale blush acrylic that recall Peggy Guggenheim‘s infamous sunglasses


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