7 Genius Things To Use as a Bedside Table

Leah Bourne

Typically reserved for the book you read before you go to bed, your iPhone, and whatever other junk you decide to throw its way, the humble bedside table is definitely a practical piece of furniture. But it can also be used to create an extremely chic environment in your bedroom.

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Your bedside table doesn’t have to be a boring piece of furniture. In fact, some of the most inventive decor enthusiasts are using unexpected pieces as their bedside tables, everything from drums to chairs.

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loving chanel drum frenchbydesign diy

Photo: Via Decoholic

1. A Re-Purposed Barrel

This cool Chanel barrel used as a bedside table has us drooling (seriously, where can we buy this?!) Accessorized with a neon lamp and a framed photo, this is a true statement bedside table.

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Photo: Via Emmas DesignBlogg

2. A New Use For a Chair

Why not use a cool wooden chair as your bedside table? Decorate with a lamp and stacked magazines for a cool look.


Photo: Via Moois Koester Deel

3. Drums Can Be Used For More Than Music

We thought we’d seen everything, but a drum as a bedside table? Seriously, how cool is this? The best part? It is an easy look to recreate yourself.

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Photo: Via DIY Home Design

4. The Stool Can Be Put To New Use

For those who want their bedside table to be on the minimalist side of the spectrum, why not opt for a cool stool. There’s usually enough room on a stool for a plant, and a book. Really, what else do you need?

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Photo: Via Apartment Therapy

5. Stacked Luggage Transformed

We did a true double take at the awesomeness of this creative bedside table which consists of stacked vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases. It seriously doesn’t get any cooler than this.

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6. Multi-Functional Steps

This shabby chic staircase that is doubling as a bedside table here is one of the best decor ideas we’ve seen in a while. We particularly love that each step has been reserved for a different object.

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Photo: Via Home Is Where the Heart Is

7. The Trunk Is Both Extra Storage and a Bedside Table

Using a trunk as a bedside table is not only great looking, it can also double as some much needed extra storage, making this piece of furniture one great decor solution.