The Beckhams Are Headed to Paris! We Predict Who’ll Become Their French BFFs

Perrie Samotin

Whether you follow sports or not, you’ve likely heard the news that English soccer great David Beckham has officially signed a five-month deal with French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain. At a press conference this morning, an impeccably-dressed Beckham, 37, broke the news and shocked reporters by revealing that he won’t receive a salary from PSG; instead the club will donate his wages—unnamed as of now—to a children’s charity.

This is all well and good, and we’re sure he’ll play great ball for the French, but we’re more interested in whether the family will emerse themselves in all things Paris. Obviously, when we caught wind of the news, we immediately thought of his wife, Victoria, and how her affiliation with the City of Lights would affect her fashion sensibilities. (Granted, we think her style is already as sleek and chic as could be.)

The couple’s social life would certainly shift with a move away from Los Angeles. Since moving to California in 2007 (when Beckham signed a $250 million deal with the L.A. Galaxy), the Beckhams have been palling around with folks that we can only describe as classic Hollywood—Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, to name a few.

While the couple likely isn’t moving to France full time (it’s only a train ride away from their London base), we’re pretty sure they’ll be spending ample time there—and will likely hobnob with the city’s creme de la creme, just as they did when they got to L.A. Here are the French folks we could envision as becoming part of the extended Beckham posse:

1. Karl Lagerfeld: Who wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who says this about you: “[Victoria] is a divine person. I mean, that’s the woman: a career woman, a mother with four beautiful children and a husband and now a career in design – the clothes are good. And a flawless body, everybody should look at Victoria’s body.” (Yes, the notoriously fickle Karl offered up this gem to U.K. TV show last year.)

2. Carla Bruni: Posh and Carla out on the town? How do you say double trouble in French? Les cougars, right? Plus, you know Bruni’s husband (and former president of France) Nicolas Sarkozy wouldn’t turn down a guys’ night out with David. We can see the tabloid headlines now: “Le Nuit Sauvage Pour Sarks and Becks!” (Translation: A wild night for Sarks and Becks).

3. Marc Jacobs: He’s not French per se, but the designer—who lives part-time in Paris thanks to his gig with Louis Vuitton—is already close with Victoria, after he rescued her from a life of counterfeit purses. (Yes, Jacobs actually met Victoria when he sent her a real Louis Vuitton bag after he saw a picture of her using a knock-off). These days, Posh might have graduated way beyond LV Stephen Sprouse graffiti bags, but we’re betting Jacobs is down to ply her with new Vuitton gear for nights out at 12 Bis.

4. Jane Birkin: You know that’s one Hermes collection Posh is dying to raid.

5. Emmanuelle Alt: While they may not become shopping buddies—Alt’s style, which epitomizes the effortlessness that a certain breed of French woman are known for, may be a bit too laissez-faire for Victoria—but hanging together could mean a French Vogue cover for Victoria, since Alt’s the editor in chief.

6. Audrey Tautou: David and Victoria’s Hollywood BFFs were A-list actors that embodied L.A. to the fullest, so it  makes sense that in France, they’d choose the same type of people but, you know, more French.

7. Gerard Depardieu: Because he’s the Tom Cruise of Paris. Okay fine, not really. But sort of. Except for that whole tax evasion thing.

8. Jean DuJardin: Because how awesome would it be to see Posh and Becks doing THIS.