10 Zoom Beauty Backgrounds So You Can Pretend You’re at Sephora RN

Elizabeth Denton
10 Zoom Beauty Backgrounds So You Can Pretend You’re at Sephora RN
Photo: Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash.

In this difficult and stressful time, we’ll basically take any moment or humor we can get. We also need to connect with others even if we’re apart, which is why Zoom has blown up in recent weeks. The video conferencing service has quickly swept both businesses (hello, Zoom meetings) and friend groups alike (virtual Happy Hour!). You can even put a background on yourself to make the whole thing a lot more fun. We found 10 Zoom backgrounds beauty lovers will go crazy for, some you can steal right now and some ideas for your own DIY project.

Some might prefer to choose a funny background, like stacks of toilet paper or scenes from The Office. Others can’t get enough of everything Tiger King. But for us beauty obsessives, we’re dreaming about our next Sephora or Ulta trip, imagining all the ways we can organize of beauty stash and swatching every bright eyeshadow available. You can pretend these are all happening when you have a virtual brunch with your friends.

How do you get these backgrounds? Well, the first thing you have to do is enable Virtual Background in your account settings. (It’s on the meeting tab.) Then when you enter or create a Zoom meeting, there will be an option to add a Virtual Background. You can choose one of the many stock options (cities, landscapes, etc.) or press the plus sign to add your own. Make sure your photo is a bit higher resolution so when it stretches, the background doesn’t look totally grainy. Ta-da!

Get some inspo from these Zoom background ideas, below.

1. Trip to Target

target zoom background


Even non-beauty lovers are dying for a trip to Target so this will be a big hit.

2. Pretty Flat Lay

zoom flat lay

Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash.

Pretend your apartment is a lot cleaner than it is right now.

3. Shopping at Sephora

zoom sephora


Missing swatching and playing at Sephora? Us too.

4. Getting Glam

zoom beauty background makeup

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash.

Bonus: turn a real ring light on to get the full effect.

5. Nail Art

olive and june spring

Image: Olive & June.

Have a DIY mani night with your friends so you stop hearing about their grown-out gels.

6. Something to Make Your Friends LOL

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look cute for yourself!

7. Model Squad

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Even if fashion week is canceled, you can still have your street style moment.

8. Lipstick Swatches

haus labs swatches

Image: Haus Labs.

Extra points for wearing some colorful lipstick.

9. Shelfie Goals

Spend Sunday cleaning out your own medicine cabinet for a shelfie-worthy display.

10. A Spa Day

best bathtubs instagram 10 Zoom Beauty Backgrounds So You Can Pretend Youre at Sephora RN

It might not be as relaxing as a bath IRL, but it sure does look pretty.