How to Be True to Your Style Like Zooey Deschanel

Abigail Bock

Zooey Deschanel says: “You’re not going to look sexy or pretty or cute… unless you feel that way!”

The New Girl knows glamour, and so we trust her when she tells us in her charming and no-fuss way how she navigates the high pressure of awards season. Watch this video above to hear Zooey and Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo chat about the best way to be true to your style and get ready for the red carpet. It turns out that experimenting with hair and makeup is what Zooey likes best about stepping out for events.

Of course, to really show off your true beauty, according to Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo, your look should be “synonymous with who you are as a person.” And Zooey’s cheeky brunette bangs, coiffed by Pantene Pro-V Stylers Collection, are the perfect example of her signature style. And who doesn’t #WantThatHair?

Join the buzz about the updos, windswept wisps and luscious curls you’ve been spotting on the red carpet on Twitter (follow @Pantene). Just use the hashtag #WantThatHair to be part of the conversation about the looks and locks that are making waves this award season!

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